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Welcome and thanks for stopping by Malli's Mint and Mimosas.  This blog hosts recipes and food reviews from Malli.  Malli's blog began in October 2010, as a way for Malli to store recipes for her two daughters, N and V.  Then, in March 2014 N and V joined the blog with their own reviews and receipes to make this a true family foodie blog.  

About N (The SF Sister): 

Hi there!  I'm an Engineer by day but have always looooved food!  I transformed from a picky baby to a plump little 10 year old...all thanks to the cooking of my mom and grandmother.  There was no looking back after that.  I now love to cook just as much as eat :)  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures cooking in San Francisco and maybe more ;)

About Vineetha (The DC Sister):

Hey guys!  While I stuck to the bare bones of cooking through college and much of law school, the past three years I've been trying to learn a few things from my mom, and hopefully eat more than just some glorified chicken stir fry every night.  While I tend to eat out a lot with friends, I make it a point to take lunches to work, so hopefully I can give you a few lunch time and easy dinner ideas...with a few stories of my life in the D.C. area along the way! 

But, lets start at the beginning, back in 2010 when Malli (our mom) posted the following 'About Me' as an introduction to Malli's Mint and Mimosas...

A few decades back, my husband and I migrated to the US from the other side of the globe. While packing my precious luggage am I glad I picked up a few family recipes to bring along with me!!

I've always loved food especially International food. Initially I enjoyed eating good food, but later I started realizing I had to shop and cook to eat. I realized that my culinary knowledge must expand and grow if I had to feed myself well. The growing passion turned into a conscious and profound gastronomic adventure when I was raising my two wonderful daughters. Then a desire to customize and serve food to their taste, at the same time keep them healthy took me on some really difficult missions from simple sandwiches to gourmet meals and desserts. Now that they are young professionals, based on their eating habits I'll call them N(natural) and V(voracious) across this space. Over the decades and through my culinary adventures my husband R(the ca-Rnivore) gets extra credit for being patient with me. While he comes in hungry, I am guilty as charged for grabbing my camera to take a hundred pictures for the blog, before he is even allowed to take a bite off of his plate! Thanks R!

Home cooking doesn't have to be complicated to 'Wow' the tastebuds. My recipes are inventive and certainly tested out in my kitchen. Others are cherished recipes from family members, friends and my own Mother, MIL and Grandma. Between my job as an IT consultant and running my home it has been a challenge to find enough time to post more than a recipe per week, but I love to tell
stories about food and eating. The photos are all my work and taken right before I serve it to my family with love.  I am sharing that love with you along with a few money saving ideas, nutritional information and cooking tips. The Labels are by Country or region with International essence so you'll read about diverse tried-and-true food from all over the world.

The intersection of food and culture excites me, so my travel stories are all about those dishes that I enjoyed while on vacation. So BAM! Out of nowhere, armed with a digital camera, a computer, my recipe collection and an Internet connection I reached out to readers!! I found the courage to revel in the uniqueness and share my quest for food with you via this medium. The journey continues with my adventures in the Kitchen with Mint and Mimosas!!

Malli's Mint and Mimosas was born to store recipes online for my young daughters but I'm thrilled since it has blossomed and branched out incorporating vegetarian, vegan, healthier and nutritional meals as I become more and more conscious about family health.

I dislike copying of any kind be it my own or someone else's. If I were to try out a blogger friend's recipe I will definitely mention the cook's name/link and I expect that my readers will do the same for my recipes.  ............so if you will À la vôtre, Bon Appetit!

All the contents of this blog including photos are my work, which means it is copyrighted with all rights reserved.  My contact email is emzmms67@gmail.com (No spam please)

Copyrights(C) reserved for Malli's Mint and Mimosas.

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