Thursday, October 22, 2015

VA Eats: La Sandia

La Sandia is not only my favorite spot for happy hour in Tysons Corner, but has quickly become my go-to for good food.  So, lets ignore the patch of liquid in the upper right of Sachin's plate (he moved the black beans over for the sake of the photo), but this Achiote Salmon with a tomatillo-mango salsa and a corn tamale (that was basically like dessert) was fantastic.  As notorious as he is for ordering salmon at every restaurant, he said this dish was a stand out.  But, I preferred my Chicken Zarape.  
I mean with a name like Zarape, how can you not love this dish, am I right?! Ok, well the picture itself should tell you how delicious it is.  I mean the creamy sauce over sauce and bacon bits over the chicken - so freakin delicious.  Also, this may have been the most delicious white rice I've ever eaten.  It was absolutely creamy, and I have to know how they cooked it!  

I would definitely go back.  But, trust me, if you are in McLean, VA you have to at least stop by for happy hour, two words, bottomless guac. 


  1. I love eating rice out at restaurants, as they always cook it so much better than I can.

    1. Me too, I don't know what they do to it sometimes. I know cooking rice in broth can make it more infused with flavor, but the creaminess of this rice was phenomenal.


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