Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Week In Food

Monday, October 5:  Sleepover at Sonia's tonight, which meant, catching up on new Fall tv shows - 'Quantico,' 'Blood and Oil,' and 'Mindy Project.'  But, also meant having this delicious steak seared in a hot cast iron skillet and then popped in the oven to get to that perfect medium cooked.  Served with some crunch (and one or two burnt) sweet potato fries, and a nice glass of red wine, I was a happy girl.  

Tuesday, October 6:  Deepti is a close friend of mine from college.  We now live closer to each other since I recently moved, so it's nice to be able to meet up and catch up.  We went to WineStyles, our local wine shop which offers tastings, wine to drink and snacks to nibble on.  Since Deepti just got back from the gym, her level of hunger was at MAX haha, but I'm not one to complain, especially if that means I have an eating buddy, so we downed - grilled artichoke and pesto pizette, marinated olives, and pita bread with tzatziki, hummus, and artichoke and cheese spread - and two delicious glasses of syrah. 

Wednesday, October 7:  Had this delicious lunch of lemon parsley panko  crusted salmon and roasted sweet potatoes and kale.  Recipe to come soon!


Friday, October 9: Dinner date at La Sandia where Sachin and I shared the Chicken Zarape - pan seared chicken with bacon, panela, pico de gallo, smothered with chipotle cream sauce with refried black beans and creamy white rice (I'm serious it was creamy and I must know how!); and, the Achiote Salmon - grilled salmon marinated with a mild spice-citrus marinade, served with chile morita salsa, tomatillo-mango salsa, with a side sweet corn tamale (phenomenal) and charro beans.   

Saturday, October 10:  Spa date with my mom, followed by Pho (flank steak + meatballs) from Pho 98.


  1. I am all about sweet potato fries at the moment. I think I had them 3 times last week haha.

    1. They're surprisingly easy to make. I'm trying to think up other veggies to turn into fries. I had a friend make zucchini fries, and eggplant is probably another good option, but then you got to break out the egg wash + breadcrumbs combo, whereas with sweet potatoes the process is just SO much simpler haha

  2. Your weekend sounds fun, and food looks YUM! :)

    1. It was, and oh my gosh was the food good!


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