Sunday, October 4, 2015

My Week In Food

Thursday, September 24:  On the way to San Francisco I enjoyed a little Texas chopped brisket, fried okra and baked potato casserole, at Dickey's in the Dallas Airport (lovingly called 'Love Field,' the airport I mean).

On arriving, N, like any good big sister, took me to get food.  We went to Madras Cafe, a South Indian vegetarian restaurant in Sunnyvale.  While we did enjoy the kothu porotta, the dosa was not as tempting.  Later that night we went to Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco, and enjoyed some brown sugar ice cream with a caramel ginger swirl.  

Friday, September 25:  Today was a little crazy with food.  We had pork adobo and lumpianitas at Patio Filipino Cuisine.  

But, before that I had two tacos at El Farolito (my favorite taco spot in SF), and a delicious sandwich at Ike's (my favorite sandwich shop, EVER), which I enjoyed at the beach.

Saturday, September 26:  Lunch at The Plant Cafe in San Francisco.  Had basil pesto tofu scramble, but the highlight of the meal was the grapefruit and avacado salad with a macadamia nut dressing.  

For dinner we enjoyed the most delicious small plates at Atlas Social.  We shared cauliflower steaks with bearnaise sauce, pesto tomato and burratta bruschetta, truffle macarroni and cheeseroasted potatoes and octopuscurry chicken skewersspinach salad with bacon vinaigrette -- yeah we ordered quite a few plates, but they were all fantastic.

Sunday, September 27:  Went to three different wineries today, but before heading out, we went by Oxbow Public Market and shared some delicious white bean tacos, avocado tacos, and BLTs.  

We headed out to the wineries, and of course started with champagne at Mumm (we were celebrating my best friend's 30th, it's only appropriate).  My favorite of the wineries we went to was Rutherford Hill.  The wine there was just fabulous and the people working there were so helpful and nice.  Here's a video clip of the champagne pouring at Mumm.

Monday, September 28:  Enjoyed my meatless Monday with my first taste of vegan sushi and vegan ramen.  Absolutely delicious! I will definitely be going back to Shizen.

Tuesday, September 29:  Almond lemon poppy seed tea cake at Tartine.  Yum!! 

Wednesday, September 30:  Saganaki from a Mediterranean tapas place we stopped by in downtown Napa.  Cheese on fireee! 

Thursday, October 1:  Before hopping on the plane to head back home, I had a quick Mexican omelette at Andale Mexican Restaurant in Terminal 2 at SFO.  Not too shabby, especially with the avocado in there!

Friday, October 2:  My friend, Sonia, and I went to our first Washington Capitals game.  I had never been to a hockey game before, and had no idea how violent ice hokey can be!  There were a total of 4 fights!  In any case, before dinner we had margaritas, tacos, empanadas, and a quesadilla at Rosa Mexicano, right next to the Verizon Center in Chinatown.


  1. So much deliciousness here! I have eaten lots of okra on my trip, and I am definitely going to be eating more of it when I get home.


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