Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Week in Food

We had a short week with Labor Day and all, I'm sure everyone was as happy as I was!  

Tuesday, September 8:  N was home this week and weekend, so our mom was in full effect cooking a ton of Indian food.  So, after a weekend full of dosas, biriyani and Indian sweets, I started today with a green juice (spinach, apple, cucumber).  For lunch I had vegetarian hakka noodles (look out for the recipe on Tuesday).   

Wednesday, September 9:  Lemon Chicken with Rice for lunch today.  

Thursday, September 10:  A visit to Pedro & Vinny's tonight for a chicken burrito with guacamole.  What I love about this place is the multitude of vegetable toppings and sauces they have (georgia peach is a particular fave).  

Friday, September 11:  Enjoyed a delicious Caramel Cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake today.  It even had bits of caramel in the batter and on the bottom of the cupcake. 

Saturday, September 12:  Today we went to dinner at TNR Cafe.  Sachin's been feeling under the weather, and the best cure is always some Pork Sichuan Pickle Noodle Soup from TNR Cafe, and maybe a side of General Tso Chcken to share ;)  Come on, I just finished watching The Search for General Tso and it had me craving some seriously American-Chinese food.  


  1. You have me craving a burrito packed full of guacamole now!

    1. I'm just not as happy with a burrito unless it's completely filled with guacamole...I have a problem! hahah!


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