Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Week In Food

Saturday, August 29:  Sachin and I finally tried out El Paso Cafe.  The restaurant is about 5 minutes from his house and I can't believe it has taken us this long to go.  It was sooo good.  We ordered a plate of Chicken and Chipotle Salmon Fajitas to share.  

Sunday, August 30:  Sunday fun-day right?  So, we had to have a little sparkling rose!  

Monday, August 31:  For lunch today I took a quick trip over to Harris Teeter to get a sushi tray.  I just had a sudden craving that needed to be satisfied.  Tuna and Salmon Nigiri and Salmon + Avocado Roll.  I absolutely have a huge distaste for imitation crab in rolls, and soon discovered the roll on the left covered in sauce was hiding imitation crab underneath!!   (I ate it anyway)

Tuesday, September 1:  I bought some food from home.  A quick Lemon Chicken, Quinoa with Broccoli, and Roasted Potato Salad.  Here's the recipe for the potato salad, trust me the roasting gives it incredible flavor!  

Wednesday, September 2:  Sachin and I had dinner tonight at California Pizza Kitchen.  When we were walking in we were talking about how long it had been since either of us had been there.  We enjoyed a Chicken Tinga Quesadilla and Garlic Chicken Pizza.  The pizza has the strongest garlic flavor and caramelized onions.  So good!  I forgot this place can be pretty decent! 

Thursday, September 3: My mom grew her first eggplant in her home garden.  So she plucked it, sliced it into thick slices and roasted them in the oven.  Absolutely delicious! I don't think I've ever had homegrown eggplant.  The outer skin was so thin and the inside was absolutely buttery!

Friday, September 4: Mirona and I had dinner at SER.  I've been wanting to try this Spanish restaurant for a while, so we made a trip!  I'll be doing a full review this week (with more pics), so keep a look out. I posted a zillion pics on our Instagram account of the food I ate.  This has to be one of my more favorite restaurants in the DC area.  I know that's a pretty big claim to make, but I stand by it!  


  1. That sushi looks incredible! I love ordered fajitas from a restaurant, as they are always so much better than the ones I make at home.

    1. Fajitas are one of my favorite meals - whether at home or out, but yes, every time I get Mexican food, it's pretty much guaranteed I'll order guacamole and fajitas. I love that you can get the sushi to-order right at the local grocery store, makes the work day all that much better when you can have some enjoyable meals!

  2. Yum! I love your diverse selection of food for the week. It all looks so delicious!


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