Thursday, September 10, 2015

DC Eats: SER

Rating: A+ One gorgeous Friday summer night, Mirona and I decided to catch-up over dinner at SER.  We have both been dying to check out this Spanish restaurant.   Since the night was so nice we decided to enjoy our meal outside over glasses of delicious Spanish white wine. We ordered a number of dishes to share, and they were all absolutely delicious.  My favorite was the grilled vegetables - it had such a unique citrus vinagrette and goat cheese on top, the shrimp and the pan catalana.  I'll describe these all below. 

Mirona started off with a delicious cocktail before joining me with the wine.  But, we both absolutely loved starting off with this Pan Catalana, a garlic bread topped with olive oil and tomatoes, so simple and so delicious.  I could've have multiple orders of these!  We enjoyed them with Puntillitas, crispy mini squid with jalapeno and lemon aioli; a great dish with such a unique and complimentary blend of flavors.   Loved them both!

Parrillada de Verduras, assorted grilled vegetables with caramelized goat cheese and citrus vinaigrette.  My favorite dish!

Steak tartare toast topped with an organic quail egg.  Mixing the egg into the ground beef made for a creamy topping on small pieces of toast.  I like topping my toast with the mixed frisee on the side to lighten up the flavor of each bite. 

Gambas al ajillo, shrimp with olive oil, garlic and cayenne pepper.  This dish was full of flavor and the shrimp were perfectly plump and cooked deliciously.

By the time dessert rolled around we were so stuffed, but absolutely couldn't walk away from trying out the Arroz con leche Asturiano.  This caramelized rice pudding was so amazing!  The caramel sugar bowl was completely edible, and with the fruits and the milky, cinnamon flavor of the rice pudding was fantastic.  

The best way to end the meal!  I can't wait to go back to SER.  This is one of the best restaurant's I have gone to in the northern Virginia area in a very long time. 


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