Thursday, September 3, 2015

DC Eats: Central Michel Richard

Sorry guys the past week has been crazy with moving, and I hadn't planned out too many blog posts and didn't want to just throw something up here without good content.  In any case, things should be a bit more routine now.  

August came and went (sad), and with it came two of my dearest friends' birthdays.  Both Rabia and Mirona decided to have a birthday brunch at Central Michel Richard - not jointly but about two weeks apart.  I had been before when the restaurant first opened its doors, and I must admit the brunch isn't quite as delicious as it was then.  But, all in all, an enjoyable brunch. 

This review is from Rabia's birthday brunch.  They have a $27 Fixed Price menu with three courses.  For the first course I ordered the Chopped Salad, which came served with chopped salami, cube mozzarella and chickpeas. It was mediocre at best.  Last time I was there I ordered the Blueberry Pancrepes, which were better, but still nothing that impressive. 

For the second course I stuck with my favorite choice!  The Fried Chicken and Waffles.  The waffles are a bit dry, but the cinnamon butter they are served with does sort of help that problem.  The fried chicken isn't your typical southern fried chicken, but a delicious chicken breast coated in panko crumbs that leaves the fried chicken so perfectly crunchy and ridiculously juicy inside.  Absolutely delicious!

The final course is the dessert course - yes, you heard me right, it's dessert at brunch.  No one is complaining over here!  Don't order the French Toast; I had a bite of a friend's dessert and it was just not good.  I wish they would bring back the Creme Brulee French Toast that they use to offer on the menu; that was usually the highlight of the meal.  

In any case I ordered the Chocolate Mousse, which has a surprise raspberry filling when you get to the middle.  It's a dark, rich and smooth mousse.  

The birthday girl ordered herself the Lemon Eggceptional and a cappuccino.  I think she was more impressed with the cappuccino than the actual dessert.  The dessert is a lemon tart served in a hazelnut shell.  I had a bite; also wasn't impressed. 

In any case...Rating: B-

Me with the birthday girl (on the right) post-brunch :)  Side note: they do have bottomless mimosas, bloody marys and bellinis for $10!

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