Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#332: Mushroom and Bok Choy Hakka Noodles

Large scale Asian grocery stores are increasingly becoming common place, and I am not complaining.  These stores always seem to have the freshest produce, lower prices, and aisles upon aisles of chili sauces and noodles...two things I love.  So, on a recent trip to Lotte Plaza, my local Asian grocery store, I stocked up on a ton of greens and these mushrooms which I added to a dried noodle mix I found at the store.  

The array of greens can be a bit overwhelming, but I'm always one to try them all out.  This time I picked up the Shanghai Bok Choy.  It's green from stem to leaf, but a more muted green than on the usual Baby Bok Choy we are all so familiar with.  The flavor is fairly similar, but with a little less crunch in the Shanghai version.  

Really this dish is just about incorporating the vegetables at your grocery store that are the most appealing, and making a great vegetarian dish for your "meatless Monday."  Or, in the alternative, add chicken (or a poached egg on top of the dish). 


2 tbsps coconut oil

1/2 tsp grated ginger
1/2 tsp chopped garlic
1/2 tsp ground all spice
6 cups chopped Shanghai Bok Choy(but seriously, any of these Asian greens would probably work just as well: A Visual Guide to 10 Varieties of Asian Greens)
8 cups sliced mushrooms (baby portobellos or shitake)
2 tsps fish sauce
2 tbsps soy sauce
Ching's Secret Veg Hakka Noodles

To top for added heat:  Sriracha (or Rooster Sauce)


  1. In a wok on low heat add 1 tbsp coconut oil, ginger and garlic.  Let the oil melt and the ginger and garlic start sizzling a bit.  Turn the heat to high, add the all spice and stir into the oil.  Then add the mushrooms and mix into the spice mixture completely.  Let the mushrooms cook for 5 minutes.  Then add the other 1 tbsp of coconut oil and baby bok choy.  
  2. Let the veggies cook until they are cooked through, this should take about 10 minutes after you've added in the baby bok choy.  
  3. Then stir in the fish sauce and soy sauce.  
  4. Break up the dry noodles in your hand right into the wok.  There should be enough liquid in the pan to cook the noodles through and take on all of the flavors from the vegetables and sauce.  Once the noodles are cooked and the liquid is gone turn the heat off and serve.


  1. I have been doing more of my shopping in Asian supermarkets recently, as it is so much cheaper

    1. It really is such a cost-saver!

    2. This looks so yummy! I looooove mushrooms, especially with noodles 🍜

  2. I thought about trying this recipe but it looked complicated so I just ordered it form restaurant. Result was a solid and taste is like wow. restaurant near venkateshwar college


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