Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#329: Zucchini Noodles

I finally joined the zucchini noodle, or "zoodle," bandwagon.  With everyone trying to be healthier lately, and honestly, just not being as hungry in the summer month, zucchini noodles are the perfect fix when you're just craving a big bowl of pasta with a ton of sauce on time - I'm an extra sauce kind of girl. 

With zoodles, you can prepare them in a pan with a little olive oil, in a vegetable steamer, or just boil them for about 5 minutes like I did.  Since making this recipe I've tried just tossing the spiralized zucchini into a pan with olive oil and it works just as easily, so really everyone can make this to their preference...there's no real recipe.  So, this post will be a bit different and I'll just highlight to you the three ways I've made zoodles.  

I recently went out and bought a spiralizer.  I should've taken a picture of it for you all, but next time. It's a small, cupboard friendly version.  When you share a kitchen with a roommate, it just makes things all the more easier and saves you some counter space.  

This was my first venture into making zucchini noodles, and I have to say it was super simple and the perfect weeknight dinner.  I actually tried parsnip noodles the other day - yes, you can spiralize pretty much any veggie and turn it into a base for a fantastic fake-noodle based dish.  

This time I cheated and mixed my zoodles in with some gluten-free pasta I had laying around in my refrigerator.  

Then I topped the whole dish with an easy spaghetti sauce I made, with ground turkey, carrots, tomato sauce, garlic, basil and oregano. 

And, I mean of course you have to top the whole thing with basically a pound of grated Parmesan.  Just kidding!  But, I think it's okay to be heavy handed here. 

Zoodles via Sauce Pan:  Simply spiralize (or thinly slice or use a vegetable peeler) your zucchini.  I think one large one is sufficient for one serving.  Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a sauce pan.  Add your zucchini noodles and cook for 3-5 minutes or until tender. 

Zoodles via Vegetable Steamer:  Place the spiralized zucchini in your vegetable steamer.  Fill a pot with about an inch and a half of water, place in your vegetable steamer and let the pot come to a boil.  Cover with a lid and cook for 3 minutes or until tender.

Zoodles via Boiling:  Place 3/4 cup of water in a small pot. Bring it to a boil and add in your spiralized zucchini noodles.  Cook for 3-5 minutes or until tender.  Drain the remaining water, and you're ready to eat! 


  1. Zucchini noodles or zoodles look so comforting and delicious.

    1. Thanks, Anu! I like that they're so healthy too!

  2. Believe it or not I have been living under a rock and have never ever tried zoodles, but I made a goal to try them this summer, so watch out zoodles I am coming after you!

    1. Don't even worry about it...this is the first time I finally made them, and I've had my freakin spiralizer for over 2 months. I did try out making parsnip noodles, and since making these zoodles I've made them about 3 more times! I want to try out a pad thai zoodles recipe! We'll see how that goes :)

  3. I love zuchinni noodles. I had some with a poached egg on top for dinner last night :)

    1. mmm poached egg on top sounds delicious!


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