Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Week in Food

Sunday, August 2:  Today we celebrated Mirona's birthday with a delicious brunch at Central Michel Richard.  Of course the best part of this brunch are the three courses - I started off with the Blueberry Pancrepe, moved on to the Chicken and Waffles, and finished off with a Chocolate Mousse for dessert.  Below is a quick screenshot of a picture of all of us post-brunch.  Next time I'll remember to have someone use my phone to take a pic!  

Monday, August 2:  Sachin made us a nice healthy and surprisingly good (kidding, kidding) dinner tonight.  He's slowly learning to learn how to cook a few more things, besides his infamous breakfast sandwiches (which seriously are the best I've ever had).  

Tuesday, August 4:  I talked about this last week, but forgot to share pictures!  Here's pics at Grand Truck in D.C. and the Naan Burger and Lamb Gujranwala that Rabia and I shared.  

Wednesday, August 5:  I love this Food52 article with ideas on 5 ways to cook with red wine.  

Thursday, August 6:  Went to my parents place for dinner and enjoyed some delicious Italian style meatloaf with roasted potatoes and peppers.

Friday, August 7: Tonight we hung out with the local high schoolers at the Arlington County Fair - just kidding!  It really is fun for all ages, plus I like to go to binge on Fried Oreos.  

We shared this Mac-n-Cheese Bowl (bacon mac-n-cheese topped with BBQ chicken, jalapenos and crumbled potato chips) from Tailgater Toby BBQ Cafe.  It was good, but not exactly worth the $10. Pretty sure you can just go to Rocklands BBQ and get an even better version - just my personal opinion though!

Then we moved on to the Fried Oreos - don't these look delicious?! MacBrand Foods came through with these deliciously warm fried pieces of deliciousness. 

Post eating content see the word 'Deep-Fried' in the back? Yep, that should explain it all! 

Saturday, August 8: Two friends hosted a poolside cookout today.  I feel like the summer is almost wrapping up, so this was the perfect way to keep it alive!  


  1. The food from that food truck sounds amazing. I am going to be in D.C in a few weeks (I actually posted about it in my blog today) and I can't wait to eat food like that.

    1. Do you mean Grand Truck? The name is so misleading, but it's actually a sit-down restaurant (but, think more casual dining). I did have some good truck food at the Carnival, and there are tons of food trucks in D.C. Food Truck Fiesta is a great DC food truck phone app, it tells you where the trucks are on any particular day and if there's one close to where you are. One of my favorites is the Hula Girl truck: If you like kalua pig, it's a must! How exciting that you are coming to the US for a visit, and a whole 6 weeks?! That sounds amazing! Totally jealous! You're hitting some great food cities - NYC, San Francisco, New Orleans,'ll love it! For Nashville, I'd recommend Biscuit Love - a burger on a biscuit, freaking delicious! For Las Vegas, a friend recommended Sushi Roku, and to this day it is the best sushi I've had. When in NYC, definitely go to Ippudo and try out their ramen! I did a post on all my favorites for food in NYC on here - Burger Joint, Ippudo, just to name a few. When you're in San Fran you have to check out Ike's Sandwich Shop, there's a bunch of locations, but they're famous for their Dutch Crunch bread, which is soo yum! Ok, I think that's a large enough list of food places haha. hope you have an awesome time!

  2. That lamb looks Ah-mazing girl and it looks like so so much fun!! Last time when we went to DC sadly we were not able to find a single food truck!! :( Now I need to go again to eat all this delicious food!

    1. Unfortunately, the food trucks are only really out and about during weekday lunch hours. Hopefully you guys come back and try out the Food Truck Fiesta app! :) Oh, and that lamb was sooooo good!


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