Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Week In Food

Saturday, August 15:  We moved today, and my mom made Biryani.  This time with chicken and it was fantastic.  For those of you who recently hopped on the Mint and Mimosas blog, the blog was originally started by my mom and she posted a couple recipes for biriyani, here and here.  In any case it was a delicious start to the weekend. 

Sunday, August 16:  I've been friends with Rabia for 14 years; it's pretty ridiculous!  Her birthday is tomorrow but we decided to celebrate with brunch today.  Here's a peak into dessert, but I'll do a full review this week with a lot more pics from brunch at Central Michel Richard -- yes, I was just here two weeks ago! 

Monday, August 17:  Sachin and I were craving a drink and appetizers after work today, so we both agreed upon a trip to Friday's.  Weeknights always seem the best for your run of the mill restaurants, where the new or more exotic options are left for the week.  We downed a lot of ghost peppers buffalo wings...delicious!

Tuesday, August 18:  This might be quite a labor-intensive way to cut your bagel, but the result does look pretty delicious - and I'm a personal fan of cream cheese and lox on my bagels!

My lunch today, salad and chicken all courtesy of Sachin: 

Wednesday, August 19:  Tonight popcorn and Muddy Buddy Chex Mix was my dinner.  Sachin and I had a double header movie night and saw "Straight Outta Compton" and "Trainwreck."  Both were great movies, but I think "Trainwreck" may be more of a repeat watch for me, meaning I'm down to watch this with all my friends at any point; it was absolutely hilarious.  

Thursday, August 20:  How cool is this map showing the food capitals of Instagram.  Basically the top five cities for different dishes based on number of Instagram posts.  Love this! 

Friday, August 21: Another night at Kora; I think we have an addiction.  While I tried out a new pizza, the pepperoni, Sachin stuck to his duck confit pizza.  Absolutely delicious!  I think my favorite might still be the sausage - the dollops of whipped ricotta in between layers of mozzarella really adds this creamy texture that is amazing.  


  1. Ghost pepper buffalo wings sound amazing and deliciously spicy!

    1. They totally were! The waiter warned us that they were pretty spicy, and while my face may have slowly been turning red, it was completely worth it!


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