Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Week in Food

Saturday, July 11:  Tonight we went to a housewarming party for a friend of Sachin's.  Elizabeth is always the perfect host, for me that means providing your guests with an awesome selection of food and drinks, and coming up with a fun activity to keep everyone occupied.  So, when we got to her new home we weren't disappointed!  Besides the great company and a fun visit to the South Riding Golf Club to hit a few balls (or at least try) :) the food was phenomenal.  We started off with appetizers - cheese tray, which had a blueberry goat cheese that was amazing - the perfect combo of salty with sweet, a flatbread pizza topped with spinach, tomatoes and feta, and a bunch of other fantastic finger foods.  Then, as though that wasn't enough, dinner included Pad Thai from Thai Basil, sushi, korean noodles and Bon Chon Chicken (the best Korean fried chicken around).  I wish I had taken some photos of the food for you all, because it was fantastic! 

Ended the night stuffed and happy.  

Sunday, July 12:  A lot of car searching and negotiations today left us without a new car and hungry (or should I say 'hangry').  So, we went to Thai Cafe in Springfield, VA for dinner.  This is home to my favorite Pad Thai, and is also our family's favorite Thai restaurant in the metro area.  We ordered the Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles to share.  I'll be doing a DCEats post on this next week, so keep a look out! 

Monday, July 13: Today I tried out the Trader Joe's Turkey and Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers for lunch.  I had a feeling this was going to be a busy week and some pre-made meals or frozen dinners might have to do.  This one tasted really homemade and was completely satisfying and filling.  Probably not the healthiest thing, and the better option would be to make my own, but it got the job done today.

Tuesday, July 14:  Before you order your Friday night pizza, I mean that's what everyone has for dinner on Friday nights right?  Well, either way read this article with a handy pepperoni de-greasing tip from 'the kitchn'.  It brings me back to Pizza Hut orders when we were kids, which eventually turned into my mom deciding that instead she would make homemade pizza - and sometimes even a brunch pizza.  

Wednesday, July 15:  N and I both love Mindy Kaling, so of course we're sad that 'Mindy Project' got canceled, but lo and behold Hulu has picked it up woohoo.  And on that note, I thought I'd share this funny article about 'important things we've learned about food from Mindy Kaling's instagram'. 

Thursday, July 16:  Nutter Butters were my favorite childhood snack.  For some reason I hated PB&J sandwiches, but loved Nutter Butters.  I guess I was the kind of kid that wanted a savory sandwich, but a sweet treat now and again.  This recipe for homemade Nutter Butters is getting me pretty excited! (and nostalgic).  I need to try my hand at baking! 

Friday, July 17: Before N left to head back to San Francisco, Sachin and I met up with her for happy hour and dinner in Reston.  We started off at Il Fornaio, where we enjoyed some white wine and a delicious pizza with sausage, mushrooms, and a spicy fradiavola sauce (chilies and garlic and tomatoes, um, yes please!).  Afterwards, clearly we were still hungry, so we went to Ted's Bulletin, where we did some serious damage.  We shared a strawberry pop tart (yes, they make homemade pop tarts here), a coconut rum adult milkshake, and then dinner! But, I'll do a full review with photos another time ;)  


  1. This post really has me craving pizza now haha. I may just have to make myself some this evening. Monday night can be pizza night too, right?!

    1. What better way to start off the week than with pizza? I think Monday night can definitely be pizza night! We had a Saturday Pizza Hut night :)


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