Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Week in Food

Saturday, June 27:  Went to Priyanka and Navi's wedding at Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Virginia.  Home cooked Indian food is delicious, but every once in a while I get that itch for restaurant style Indian.  An Indian wedding is the perfect place to satisfy that itch.  We stuffed our faces with lamb kebabs, palak paneer, butter chicken and more delicious food!  And, we had ras malai and cake pops for dessert.  

Sunday, June 28:  Probably not the best thing to have the day after you stuff your face with spicy Indian food, but we went to Chipotle.  I mean, it was one bowl.  Legitimately that was all I ate that day. 

Monday, June 29:  Met up with Mirona for happy hour and oysters at Hank's Oyster Bar in Dupont Circle.  This is often our go-to spot.  We just can't resist!  We both ordered the Lobster Rolls.  These were Maine Lobster Rolls, not Connecticut ones.  The difference being Maine Lobster Rolls have cold filling with mayo, while the Connecticut versions are warmer with butter.  I prefer the latter, but I couldn't resist having one. 

Tuesday, June 30:  Well we have a new Mediterranean "bowl" fast food spot on our hands. We've all heard of Cava Mezzee Grill and Roti, but there recently opened up a new place called Mezeh.  They had their grand opening in Crystal City this week, so I checked out the new location and was super excited to get a FREE chicken shwarama bowl with the purchase of a drink.  Then, I promptly ate it for lunch today.  

Wednesday, July 1: I don't know how many of you all may have heard about Pizza Hut's Hot Dog Pizza, but even I'm a little grossed out, and I love extra food on food! 

Thursday, July 2:  Had a great dinner catching up with Sonia at one of our favorite (and probably one of the few) sushi spots in Ballston, Shiki Sushi.  We shared the Out of Control roll (my personal favorite) and a few other delicious ones!  Sorry to give you just a view of the menu and not the phenomenal rolls.  

Spent the rest of the evening packing for our family Fourth of July weekend.  The plan was to stop by the Rehoboth Beach area in Delaware to visit some family, and then head to Ocean City, MD for the weekend.

Friday, July 3:    First thing we ate when we got to Ocean City, these amazing Crab Balls.  The waiter said everything at the restaurant was "made to order," and I have to think he was correct, because everything tasted absolutely fresh.  From the crab balls to the cole slaw and the anchovy filled (and that's a good thing) flavorful Caesar Salad, all at Captain's Table.  

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