Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Week in Food

Saturday, June 20th:  To celebrate my birthday, Sachin and I spent the day together.  Before a movie, we had a quick juice at Robek's followed by a more unhealthy sandwich at Potbelly.  I think the fact that we shared the Italian should make up for the unhealthiness of it all...think 'half the calories'?

Later that evening we had dinner reservations at Nage, where I ordered the whole roasted Bronzino and Sachin had the Crab Cakes.  We finished the meal with the Pecan Pie for dessert.

Sunday, June 21st:  No better way to bring in my birthday than with Malayali fried fish, olan (a coconut milk and pumpkin curry), and tiramisu for dessert.  I went to my parents and celebrated both Father's Day and my birthday.

Monday, June 22nd: My 30th birthday.  We went to dinner at nearby Kora.  We ordered the Duck Confit Pizza, which came served with caramelized onions, gorgonzola, arugula, walnuts and a sweet cherry sauce.  The pizza had this flavor of delicious buttery rich duck confit balanced off with the sweetness of the cherries.  So good!  Then we shared the Chicken Marsala, which was absolutely delicious and buttery.  The chicken was served with a side of scampi cappelini, so you can understand where the buttery part of the dish came from, but I loved it and downed it pretty quickly.  Kora doesn't seem to have the best Yelp! reviews, which was surprising because even on my second trip there, I have to say I'm happy with the food!

Tuesday, June 23rd: I came across this article, how perfect would this be for a grilled cheese or panini.  You can see it in full action here

Wednesday, June 24th: Oh Google!  All the things you attempt to do, and now you want to be able to count calories from food pictured in Instagram photos? Gotta admit, weirdly enough this has me interested.

Thursday, June 25th:  To commemorate the purchase of my new Samsung Galaxy and departure from the iPhone, I bid farewell to all my Japanese food related emojis with this article explaining what they all are!

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