Sunday, May 31, 2015

SF Eats - French Laundry, By: V

On my most recent trip to visit my sister in San Francisco, we made another trip to Napa Valley. What can I say, we love the place.   The rolling countryside and amazing miles of vineyards legitimately makes you feel like you're in Italy, or what I imagine Spain to be.  Gorgeous, and the temperatures are often warmer than in the city of San Francisco.  About an hour drive north of San Francisco, Napa Valley is offers visitors a variety of restaurants and fine wines to try.  

I'll get more into the wineries and stops we made on our trip to Napa, but I wanted to put up this quick post about our experience having dinner at The French Laundry.  Yes, THE French Laundry, one of the top rated restaurants in the world.  N happened to land reservations to this elite restaurant, and while she did say "I don't think we're ready for this dining experience," we decided to press on anyway.  Now, I'm sure many of you are wondering what she means by that, but this restaurant offers an extensive Chef's Tasting Menu with all these amazingly delicious, high quality food, all in this fancy environment that we were just not ready for! But, I have to say it was a once in a life time kind of experience, that was absolutely worth it.  

AND since it was N's birthday, I thought it was a great way for her to celebrate!!! They even brought over a tray of profiteroles with a candle for her to maker her birthday wish, and some sparkling cider to wash it all down.  I thought that was nice of them.  Now, get ready for visual stimulation with these pictures of all of the seven courses we had, but first here's a picture of The French Laundry clothespin, get it? laundry? clothespin? And, a picture of N in front of The French Laundry - I mean this momentous occasion had to captured on film.  

"Oysters and Pearls" - "Sabayon" of Pearl Tapioca with Island Creek Oysters and White Sturgeon Caviar.  This was our favorite course of the whole meal!

Hudson Valley Moulard Duck Foie Gras "Terrine" - Poached Brooks Cherries, Caramelized Cipollini Onion, Preserved Black Winter Truffle and Wild Arugula.

Sauteed Filet of Mediterranean "Loup De Mer" - Violet Artichokes, Cerignola Olives, Garden Basil and Spicy Tomato Broth

Alaska King Crab "Poelee" - Sacramento Delta Asparagus, English Peas, Crushed Capers and "Bearnaise Mousseline" 

Wolfe Ranch White Quail - Garden Cauliflower, Sicilian Pistachios, Watercress and Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Charcoal Grilled Snake River Farms "Calotte De Bouef" - "Choucroute Dumpling," Nantes Carrots, Garden Dill and Red Cabbage Essence 

Andante Dairy "Contralto" - Garden Turnips, White Peaches and English Walnuts

For dessert they provided an assortment of macarons, ice cream and truffles.  They even sent us off with a box of truffles on the house.  What a nice treat to head home with!

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