Friday, May 22, 2015

D.C. Eats - Taqueria Poblano

You may be wondering why things have been a little quiet around here the past week or so.  Well, I went to San Francisco and spent a full week with N.  Before I left we managed to celebrate her birthday with a nice trip to Napa Valley.  Of course we posted some pictures on our Instagram account, and don't worry, I'll have a post coming up soon covering the whole trip and all of our eating adventures.  For now, I thought I would post up this quick review of a local Alexandria, VA spot, that N and I use to frequent when she was still on the east coast.  

A few weeks back, when Sachin and I were debating where to get dinner, I thought 'Del Ray'!  This little neighborhood in Alexandria has a score of great restaurants.  Anything from sushi to barbeque to ice cream to tacos!  So, since Sachin is always so dissatisfied by our trips to Guapo's, I thought maybe checking out a small taco spot would be a good idea. 

When we got to Taqueria Poblano, the place was definitely packed, but as has always been the case here, we still managed to get seated quickly.  We decided to order the Duck Carnitas, Cumin Poached Chicken and Shrimp tacos and share the assortment.  

The Duck Carnitas taco is lime-marinated roast duck shredded and lay atop a flour tortilla, and topped with guacamole, cheese, pico de gallo and red onion escabeche.  Both, the Chicken and Shrimp tacos come similarly dressed.  But, our mutual favorite was the shrimp! The shrimp were so plump and flavored perfectly.  

As if this wasn't enough food, afterwards we managed to waddle over to Dairy Godmother for a scoop (or two) of ice cream. 

Now while these tacos were certainly delicious, just wait till my next post, 'SF Eats,'  where I'll go into more details about the amazing tacos I had out in San Francisco!! I'm still dreaming about them...

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