Sunday, October 26, 2014

#299 Indian Fried Okra, By: V

Last week I posted a recipe for a quick keema that I made.  To accompany the keema and rotis, I made a fried okra dish.  I looked in my freezer after a long day of work and I spotted a bag of chopped okra.  Frozen vegetables are amazing for making a quick dish because you can throw them right from the frozen bag into a pan and it can really just defrost in there.  Yes, yes, sure you can thaw it with a few zaps in the microwave, but really that is all unnecessary.  Place the frozen veggies in a pan with a covered lid and let the magic happen.

Indian Fried Okra


12 oz cut okra
1 tbsp coconut oil
2 green chilis
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp turmeric
1 tsp grated ginger
1 tsp chopped garlic
1 tsp salt


1.  Place the coconut oil in a pan on high heat and let it melt down.  After the oil is melted and you can feel the heat rise off the pan, turn the heat down to medium heat.  Take the pan off the heat and add the cumin seeds, mustard seeds and green chilies.  Let them pop around for about 30 seconds.  BE CAREFUL! They tend to splurt and pop up, so watch your hands.  Put this back on the burner.

2.  Add in the ginger, garlic, and turmeric.  Let these cook into the seeds and chilies for another 30 seconds.  Turn the heat back to high and add the okra (yes, even frozen straight from the bag).

3.  Stir everything together, coating the okra in all of the spices.  Cover with a lid and continue letting it cook on high heat for about 10 minutes.  Then take the lid off, stir in the salt and continue to cook, uncovered, for another 20 minutes.

4.  When it's browned or green or blackened - however you like your okra - it's ready to eat!

As for this weekend, I spent my day yesterday checking out two wineries in Leesburg, Virginia:  Fabbioli Cellars and The Vineyards and Winery at Lost Creek.  Fabbioli Cellars pairs each tasting with a small tasting to bring out the flavors in the wine and to give customers an idea of what they could make to accompany their wines, if they choose to purchase.  The image downstairs is from Fabbioli Cellars.  While the wines were interesting (a pear based wine, an apple based wine), they were a bit too sweet for my pallette and I preferred the wines at Lost Creek.  At Lost Creek we purchased a bottle of their 2012 Chardonnay to drink and enjoy on their property since the weather was beautiful.  This was our way of enjoying the last few warm days of the year.

Later that night we went out to the U Street neighborhood of D.C. to the infamous Twins Jazz and heard a great sax performance by Anthony Nelson and had a pretty delicious cheesecake and coffee to end the night.  Great way to enjoy a beautiful Saturday!  And, now, back to the work week, but on a positive note :) 

Lost Creek Winery:
Fabbioli Cellars:


  1. Oooh, this looks good! I'm going to try this recipe ...perhaps with other vegetables too ;)
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. You're welcome, Sharon! Adding other vegetables, or swapping out the okra for a different vegetable sounds like a great idea. Never let a recipe limit you too much! Thanks for visiting and please continue to do so :)

  3. love dry okra recipe very much,yummy!


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