Sunday, July 6, 2014

#291 Lima Bean Hummus with Mint and Cilantro

Hello everyone, I've been away for a long time catching up on chores and out on new ventures.
But, today I've popped my head in  to say Hi!!  In today’s burgeoning world of blogs and online social media, it didn’t take much coercing for me to share a dip that some of you may find interesting. A Mediterranean puree of chickpeas with added flavors has gained so much popularity these days in all healthy cuisine. You probably have an idea what I am talking about- you guessed right it is the delicious and versatile dip aka "hummus"!!

Hummus is quite the favorite dip in my household and it's pretty easy to put together if there is a can of chickpeas available in the pantry. Roasted pepper hummus is the most popular, since it is widely used as a sandwich spread for roasted veggie wraps.  Veggie hummus wraps are easily tucked away in lunch totes or hummus can also be filled into celery sticks for a snack.  While trying out different beans for hummus, I ran into the Lima bean---- a nutritious bean full of folates, Vitamin B and to top it all a high percentage of protein. Although I think this bean does not get the attention it deserves a hummus is an easy way to get a heavy dose of all that nutrition! With an abundance of leftover herbs in the fridge I threw in Mint and cilantro and the resulting hummus was bright green and aromatic. So I had to share it with you. Here's how to make this royal green hummus.................

Ingredients: 1/2 lb cooked Baby lima beans 1 cup Mint leaves 1 Bunch Cilantro 1 Tblspn Tahini paste 1 Tblsn Lemon juice 2-3 cloves garlic 3 Tblspn EV Olive Oil 1 Green chili Salt and pepper to taste Water if needed.

Method: Add all of the ingredients except EVOO to a food processor or blender and slowly process the ingredients using 1 Tblspn of olive oil at a time add a little water if necessary. Do not blend or bring it to a smooth paste. Mix well when coarsely ground. Taste and season if needed with additional salt, pepper and top with extra EV Olive Oil. Enjoy!!


  1. looks wonderful nice combo and Hi :-)

  2. looks creamy & delicious !!

  3. wow dear so tasty and so the colour

  4. Scrumptious and ever so tasty! Great party food.




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