Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Feeling mellow with my Pomelo - By N

This is N........................................
Being fortunate enough to live in the Bay area, when asked to write about the food here there are just tons to eat, and write about. So when V asked me to write about restaurants in the area, it was a daunting task. Well first things first, I barely ever take pictures especially when I’m starving! Herein lies the main daunting task for this post. One of the first culinary observations for me has been the difference in the produce here. It really feels different and you’d be surprised at what kinds of stuff you find in the produce section of your neighborhood grocery store. I don’t think I’ve eaten this much veggies in…EVER! It really isn’t Farmers Market season but I couldn’t help but check some out. I sampled various different fruits and decided to try out a Pomelo amongst my usual produce purchases. It tasted amazing, like a huge grapefruit but less citrusy. Here it is! I’m also a huge fan of papayas! Its funny coming from the East coast and seeing a sea of papayas, pomelos, oranges and pineapples in February!

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