Monday, March 3, 2014

Chase Your Glitter - By: N

I think its funny that one of my first non-guest posts is once again about our Christmas holiday festivities.  Nobody can celebrate a holiday like the four of us :)  I want to thank our mom for always taking the time to celebrate important days because otherwise this life would be just one big mass of days and mundane everyday events clumped into one big messy ball.  You want that ball to have a little glitter in it ;)  I chased this glitter all the way from San Francisco to the family in Virginia. 

One of the first things that greeted me when I got home from the airport was this cake below!  It was absolutely moist, had the best combination of nuts, raisins and luscious amount of grated carrots.  And I dont even really like carrot cake all that much.  Much like anything I eat anywhere, I suddenly thought of different ways to transform this.  I thought of a carrot cake cookieall the same ingredients in a cookie form ;)

I wanted to add two more pictures from the holidays.  The first is our tree decorated by our mom and dad!  Yes, they drag that sucker and alllll the ornaments up from the basement and set it up EVERY year! 

Annnddd someone got very lucky this year!  My dad definitely knows how to pick out a gift for his lady!  I dont know why my sister and I fear getting him as Secret Santa!  MY favorite gift this year was ChromeCast!  Given to me by V.  If you want to watch Netflix on your TV in a seamless way.  GET THIS!! 

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  1. Hey N
    It's fascinating to read your own children's reflections of food, family and fun at the Holidays. Dad went to Tiffany's this time and you flew from CA -it was one of the best Holidays I've had. Thanks R.
    I can't wait to hear more about N&V's adventures here. Luv you!!


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