Thursday, June 6, 2013

#283 Korean Style Eggplant Rollatinis over Cilantro Cream

When R and I feel a craving for  'Korean' food we go straight to the part of town bustling with Asian  restaurants. Bibimpap and Bulgogi are undoubtedly the Korean favorites in my family and someone orders at least one of them at every visit. I wouldn't try making Bibimpap at home without the hot stone pot it is traditionally made in, but I've tried the diverse set of pickled vegetables in Korean cuisine that creates a play of flavors. The array of seaweed salad, pickled anchovies, beans sprouts and of course Kimchi that are served before the food is brought out acts well to cleanse your palate.  Out of all these, most outstanding is the pickled cucumbers and radish in vinegar and chili-they are also simple relishes to whip up at home. Kimchi is available in plenty at the Asian grocery and so is Tofu.  I've been experimenting with Korean style foods and flavors so why not use simple veggies to create a flavor that reminds one of Korean food!!!

Would you say Tofu is processed? It is made from curdling soy milk into solids so it could fall in that category, yet it has been a prominent food in Asian cuisine for hundreds of years.  The nutritional value of this product is so high that it's highly recommended for vegans/vegetarians. When Tofu is pressed enough to drain out all the water it takes on any flavor, and makes it usable as a stuffing for vegetables useful for its high protein content.  Chili garlic paste has been used in the vinegar pickles as well as for falvoring the Tofu in this dish.

Homemade Pickled Diakon Radish and Cucumbers

Firm Tofu-  1 pack
Chili-garlic paste- 1 Tbslpns
Soy sauce- 1Tblpsn
Green onions- 2 stems chopped
Large Italian Eggplant-1 (or 2 medium sized eggplants)

Cilantro Cream:
Sour cream- 1 cup
Chopped Cilantro- 1/2 cup
Lime juice, salt and pepper to taste
Whisk all ingredients well to form cream.

                                                     My favorite chilis and chili pastes!
1. Remove Tofu from the pack and press for a few hours until all the water is removed.
You may wrap the tofu in paper towels, place over a bowl with a heavy can over the tofu
for a few hours. The water drains out slowly.
2. Crumble the tofu into a warm pan with olive oil to saute. Add chili-garlic paste
soy sauce and saute until the tofu has no water remaining. Add onions and mix well.keep aside.
3. Slice the Eggplant about 1/4 inch thick like cross sections that go lengthwise.
4. Place on a baking sheet and roast until slightly soft and browned. remove.
5. Take each eggplant section and place a Tablespoon of tofu in the middle.
6. Roll the eggplant from the narrow end and over the filling tightening gently as you roll.
7. Serve warm or cold with cilantro cream poured over th top.


  1. i have never thought to do this with eggplant before- lasagna sheets yes but never eggplant. I love this idea!


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