Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Girls Weekend out on Memorial Day 2013

Once again, it’s time to kick my heels and cares away and enjoy another one of our “ladies weekend out” trips.  This Memorial Day weekend was one of the best Ladies Night Out parties I’ve enjoyed in a long time!! This time it was food related and that too in NY City with a character of its own!!

While we took the Amtrak up there we planned a “Food Tour”, visits to NBC studios and Ground zero. We had tickets to the Food on foot tour before boarding the train. This was the first time any of us had gone on such a tour but after the experience I must recommend all of you to take it at least once because it was admirable how much we learnt about culture while enjoying different cuisine all in just three short hours.

A Food tour of New York City exposed us to one special neighborhood of this great city-Greenwich Village and its local food.  A tour guide met up with us at John’s Pizzeria on Beecker Street on a cold windy day and an ugly drizzle with little visibility.
Risotto balls
We were just beginning to think if it was a good idea after all- since the weather was not cooperating and the tour was on foot,  when we were joined by Cindy the tour guide. The bright little tour guide turned up on time and cheered us up so well as if the sun was shining down bright and warm. Her positive attitude made the entire trip unbelievably fun!! Her stories about the food, culture and the history at each of our stops, the tasting sessions of bottomless food made it so lively and generous that we were disappointed when the 3 hour trip ended.
The legendary Joe's Pizza visited by celebrities!!

Gelato on a stick- my favorite is dark chocolate dipped in hazelnuts

Weather worries were forgotten in between culture stories and tastes of heavenly food.   I would like to share a few pics with you on the sample food we ate on the tour…………….

              Kathi rolls -the favorite Indian snack savory fillings inside a flour roti with mint chutney
 Winner of the cupcake wars--- a taste of the Red Velvet cake from Molly's cupcakes.
The dramatic end of the tour with mini Canoli's -Of course!!
What a great way to end the meal with a decadent canoli with chocolate chips, pistachio and powdered sugar....................Mmmmmmmmm!!!


  1. oh what fun! Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. Dear Malli, I am so glad that you and the girls had a fun and delicious Memorial Holiday. It is too bad the weather didn't cooperate but I am happy that you did not let that stop you from having a nice time. Blessings dear, Catherine


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