Thursday, May 23, 2013

#281 Spring Cleaning --Green in a Glass

I'm on my weekly shopping spree and the Giant store logo "5 a day" blinks back at me in bright semi-circles. I rush in and out picking up groceries and a few snacks I don't need on my brisk walk down the isles of the supermarket.

Many of us bump health and dietery concerns beyond our priority list since we are always on the run.
Sometimes I am so tired I skip breakfast or dinner and then feel the lack of energy. Do you think of ways to boost your energy like I do? Not by drinking Redbull or any of those energy 'boosting' drinks that are available but with something nutritious and quick. How often do you have time to make fresh juices for breakfast or make an egg sandwich before you leave for work? 

Green shakes and juices were never attractive to me until now. But, recently my daughter "N" the natural food lover was cleaning up her apartment and in the process she moved her  fruit juicer to my pantry. What better way to put it to good use than juicing everything from the fridge!! Boost your
energy and detoxify with this awesome green juice-and while doing so you can invest in a juice extractor!!
--it certainly made me energetic!!

There are a few combinations I've always wanted to juice and I was not disappointed with the results of this one. If you hate green drinks, you will certainly change your mind after one sip of this smooth drink......

3 green apple
1 bunch celery stalks
2 cucumbers
1 inch ginger
1/2 lime

Wash, clean and dry veggies. If you have a juicer there's not much to do but cut up the veggies into cubes and pass it through the machine. Out comes the wonderfully nutritious Green Juice.

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