Thursday, April 4, 2013

#273 Crispy Caramel Tuile Cups filled with Fresh Fruit and Icecream

Let's welcome Spring with open arms and fancy fruit cups with ice cream. Scrumptious, elegant and surprisingly light, these cups make quite a stir around the table when dessert is served. The abundance of Strawberries and any other berries is the best excuse to fill up on them with the flavor of caramel. Spring break is over but this one is an awesome treat for everyone for the next phase of Spring!!

Neiman Marcus first opened its doors in 1907 to customers and then it opened its 100 anniversary cookbook with luxurious and rich dishes. This recipe is derived from one of their famous Tuile cups filled with fresh fruit and ice cream. If you have careful fingers you can make these delicate lace-like caramel cups and fill them with the fruit of your choice. The fruit is flavored with brandy and black pepper, yes black pepper. After a spoonful it makes you think..Mmm what is that little kick at the back of your throat but exploding with flavor? Don't hold back on any of the ingredients because its all about measurement and consistency to get these lacey cups to hold their shape and the fruit, but at the end its all worth the pure indulgence of a spring dessert.

Brown Sugar-1 cup
Butter-1 cup
Light Cron Syrup-6 Tablespoons
All-purpose flour-1 cup
A splash of Brandy or Bourbon
sugar and a dash of black pepper

1. Heat the butter, brown sugar and corn syrup over moderate heat while contantly stirring the mixture
until it is completely boiling and smooth.
2. Lower the heat, and slowly add the flour incorporating it by stirring or whisking the mixture until
the dough is thickened (takes only about 1 minutes).
3. Pour the hot mixture on to a cookie sheet to cool slightly.
4. Drop the mixture by tablespoonfuls onto parchment paper-lined baking sheets, roll into balls spacing 4 inches apart.
5. Bake for 350 degrees for about 8 mins and then remove from oven.
6. Working quickly with a wide metal spatula, lift each Tuile from the sheet
7. Immediately set the warm, pliable tuiles very very gently over inverted custard cups or glasses. Gently press
the cup pinching into shape to form a small cup while still warm. Repeat with all the tuiles. Cool until set.
8. Slice strawberries into a glass bowl. Add the brandy, sugar, mint and dash of ground pepper.
Toss together and cool in the fridge.
9. Melt 1/2 cup sugar and 1 Tblspn water in a small saucepan. Swirl until a brown caramel is formed.
10. Spoon over foil paper, moving the spoon back and forth to form long designs.
11. Let cool, break into shapes to use as garnish.
12. When ready to serve, take each cup and add a large spoonful of cooled fruit into it. Top with
a scoop of your favorite ice cream (preferably vanilla or caramel) and garnish with caramel designs.


  1. Wow I am drooling over here... Soooo goooood

  2. A wonderful and exquisite dessert!



  3. That looks simply cutee,n great dessert idea for parties:)

  4. so gourmet what a fun dessert and pretty

  5. I wish berries are easy to come by at my place but thats not the case always. However this is so inviting and nicely presented. Probably will replace berries with one of our local fruits.

  6. oh they are beautiful and sound so amazing. love caramel on just about anything and especially in this dainty cute little cups! So creative


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