Sunday, March 31, 2013

#272 Got Eggs? It's Easter

Happy Easter to all who celebrate the holy resurrection of Jesus Christ!  The word Easter reminds me of colorful eggs and the pink bunny--- all of which were favorites of my children too. Although we don't celebrate Easter at its full glory, it's natural to celebrate when everyone else is having a good time. My 'eggspectation' was to make nothing less enjoyable than an Easter Ham. But, I was out of ideas and decided to quickly put together these colorful and spiced up eggs for a family snack.
It is nothing out of the ordinary,  nor is it something totally new, yet it is simply something kicked up and special! What's not to like about spiced Devilled eggs?

Eggs-6 whole boiled and shelled
Mayyo-2 Tablespoons

Any spicy sauces, chutneys or relishes of your choice may be used.
My custom made choices were
1. Mint and Basil chutney.
2. Hot salsa and Sriracha
3. Beets mashed with salt and pepper.
4. Honey mustard and horseradish. with chopped ham.

1. Slice eggs cross wise. Remove the yolks gently in a bowl.
2. Add 1 tspn Mayyo,Mint and Basil chutney, blend to smooth with the yolks using a spoon or wooden spatula. keep aside.
4. Add 1 tspn Mayyo with Hot salsa and sriracha, blend to smooth with the yolks. Use very little Salsa to prevent the yolks from getting too watery. Keep aside.
5. Add 1 tspn Mayyo with the mashed beets, season well and blend to smooth with yolks using a spoon or wooden spatule. Keep aside.
6. Add 1 Tblpn Mayyo with the yolks and mash until the yolks are smooth. Add 1 tspn Honey musard and 1/4 spoon horseradish. Add finely chopped deli meat like ham, Keep aside.
7. Place the white cups from the eggs in Step 1 on a colorful platter. Scoop each of the above flavored yolk mixtures into the cups, garnish and serve cold.


  1. Happy Late Easter to you my friend! He has RISEN! These eggs look beautiful and so delicious!


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