Friday, November 30, 2012

#249 "Ho Ho Ho!! Santas Trudging through the Snow" Cake

Just like everyone else I have this love/hate relationship with comfort foods. I crave comfort foods but dislike that they are so full of calories. Why is it that some days I am ravenously hungry and other days I eat like a bird? Does that sound familiar to anyone?

There are times when I can compensate a day's lunch by satifactorily consuming a handful of sunflower seeds. On other days calorie counting is the last thing on my mind.

But today I'm going to splurge a little and make a white cake layered with fruits. I baked this cake for some special nieces and nephews who are coming over to my house for an early Holiday celebration. But,  I assure you a slice of this heavenly cake will make you feel like you had an early visit from the jolly old Saint Nicholas!!


White Cake Mix- 1 box (you could use Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines )
Heavy Whipping cream- 2 cups
Powdered Sugar- 1/2 cup
1 pinch of cream of tartar
Strawberries-1 pint
Pineapple sliced thin- 5-6 slices
Apricot jam and Rum- 2 Tblspoons each.

1. WHip together the cake ingredients and bake it in 2 8 inch round pans
as per the directions on the box.
2. Cool the cake and cut each round cake into two.
4. Prepare the cake platter by placing foil around the center and place the first cake round in the center so that the edges are covered by the foil.
5. Keep aside 6-7 strawberries for making the Santas and cut up the rest of the fruit into small bits.
6. Whip together the cream, sugar and cream of tartar until it is thick and creamy and holds well.
7. Take a tsp of the jam-rum mixture and spread well over th cake.
8. Spread 2 Tblspns of the whipped cream over the jam. Sprinkle well with a thin layer of chopped fruit.

9. Place the next layer of cake followed by the jam, cream and fruit until all four layers are used.
10. Cut each Strawberry so that the pointed end looks like Santa's cap. Fill with cream by piping it through a bag. Place the cap over the top and pipe a drop of cream at the tip of Santa's hat.
11. Now, very carefully spread the remaining cream over the top and sides of the cake smoothen or leave it rustic to look like fallen snow.
12. Carefully place the Santas on top of the cake. Slice and enjoy. Merry Christmas!!


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