Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#226 "We gotta say goodbye to the Summer..............with creamsicles

How can you say good bye to the Summer when it seems like it just began?  The '70s Bobby Vinton song comes to mind "Though we gotta say goodbye to the Summer.....". But as the saying goes, "all good things must come to an end" and there is no exception, so it's time to welcome the Fall.

The rain has been coming down quite quickly but just not enough to end the drought. Let's hope the rain will continue so that Farmers Markets and organic foods will grow in abundance. The nation has declared a state of drought and grocery prices have already started shooting up and at this rate we all may have to change over to a diet of canned tuna and crackers!LOL!

The Farmer's markets are also following the trend and prices were heavy last time I picked up a few peaches and fresh juice. With a couple of leftover peaches grilled with a little brown sugar I created this cooling creamsicles. Summer is almost coming to an end and what better way to cool down and welcome the fall than making peach and orange creamsicles.

Peach- 1
Brown Sugar- 1 tspn
1. Slice the peach into half and remove the stone.
2. Heat a grill pan and add brown sugar,place the peach halves cut side down
3. Let grill until brown sugar is bubbling. Slice the peaches into 4 slices each.

For Making creamsicles:
Milk or Soymilk- 1 cup
Orange juice- 1/2 cup
Honey- 2 Tbslpn
To freeze creamsicles use a Popsicle maker that has broad rectangle shape.

How to make them:
1. I found the four popsicle maker with the plastic sticks that can be inserted at the center before freezing.(These were used by my children to make popsicles from fruit juices when they were young).
2. Take grilled peach slices along with a little of the juices and add 1-2 slices inside each popsicle container.
3. Mix 1/2 cup of milk and honey and mix well. slowly pour the milk into each popsicle container equally until it reaches the top without disturbing the peach slices. Now cover with the plastic cover and sticks and freeze until firm and ready to eat.
4. Take a paper cup and add the orange juice and the rest of the milk and mix well and cover with aluminium foil. Place a plastic spoon by breaking the foil in the center right in the middle of the cup. Gently and carefully place the paper cup in the freezer and freeze until firm and ready to eat.
5. Remove from freezer and quickly immerse in warm water for a second to release the popsicles from their molds. Enjoy the cool treat!!

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  1. I haven't had a creamsicle since I left the states for Australia. I must try these soon! Summer will soon be here!


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