Friday, August 3, 2012

#223 Raise the Roof Lime Basil Cod piled with Watercress Salad

In the United Kingdom Atlantic Cod is considered the freshest locally caught fish. While it is widely used for the famous 'fish and chips' it's firm flesh makes it one of the most versatile for grilling and serving in style! In lieu of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London I am making a grilled Cod dish so flavorful and moist served with the British Sweet pea puree especially in honor of London hosting a great event this year.  A sigh of relief for the return of Power in North India, where millions of people were living in the dark and giving up the comfort of electricity- one we cannot leave out of daily life. 
How did I get to this meal you ask?
As the heat and the thermostat rises in the city of Washington DC, the stone buildings seem to loom larger and the streets are still bursting with tourists, federal workers, residents and commuters. Meanwhile, the weekends are quiet and desolate especially this weekend---since people are staying indoors, cooling off with a cold beer and watching as much of the Olympics on TV as they can. My family has been swarming in the family room near the Televisions too and waiting to see if we should be ordering food. Although a gourmet meal at a downtown restaurant sounds very tempting(it's too hot to cook!), it isn't the best climate to set out on the road, so I'm bringing somewhat of a gourmet meal home with a nice serving of Cod, sweet peas and watercress salad and then spoil ourselves rotten with ice-cream at the Coldstone creamery?

1 Filet of Cod -1/2 lb
Sweet green peas-1 cup cooked well
Fresh Watercress- 1 cup
Salt, lemon juice, pepper and olive oil as needed.

Basil-Parsley Emulsion
Fresh Basil Leaves- 1 cup
Fresh Flat leaf Parsley- 1/2 cup
Lime- 1 grate the peel(without the white part) and juice the lime
Olive oil- 1/2 cup
Salt and pepper to taste.

1. Take the basil, flat leaf parsley, lime juice, lime rind, salt, pepper and olive oil in a bowl.
2. Using the hand-blender emulsify the mixture until it is coarsely ground. Keep aside.
3. Take the cooked sweet peas and add 1/2 tspn butter enough salt and blend using the hand-blender.
4. Wash and drain the watercress and toss in a light dressing of lemon juice salt and pepper.
Keep all of the above aside for serving the main dish -the Cod.

To grill or bake the cod filet
1. Slice a serving portion from the filet. If you are serving three people cut three portions and marinate in   1 tspn of Basil-Parsley emulsion for each portion.
2. When ready to grill, heat a stove top or electric grill until it is sizzling.
3. Place the cod pieces over the grill and cook on both sides until just done.

For serving:
1. Take a large dinner plate and place a ring of pea puree at the base using a cookie ring.
2. Gently remove the ring leaving the puree circle in the center of the plate.
3. Gently place the grilled fish on top of the pea puree.
4. Top with a portion of the watecress salad over teh fish artfully. Make sure it does not topple down.
5. Wipe the sides of the plate and just before serving drizzle a Tblspn of extra emulsion around the plate.  Serve.


  1. Hi Malli,

    Salad looks Delicious!!

    Perfect presentation:)

    Keep on Dear..

  2. A gourmet presentation... very elegant and looks yummy too :)

  3. Well damn... looks great Malli - I've gone off fish and chips in recent years. It always seems to be so greasy and stodgy. This is a lovely, lighter take on the British classic! Gorgeous presentation too :)

  4. lime and basil are perfect together and I love that you added these flavors to a thick hearty cod! just beautiful

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  6. Hi Nidhi
    Thanks for inviting me to this really cool webbsite!!


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