Thursday, July 12, 2012

#218 The Goddess is back!!

If you've stopped by recently, you may remember the Green Goddess Dressing I whipped up for a Wedge salad.  Thick, creamy basil flavor loaded in a lovely dressing- as good over a salad as it is drowned in some chicken or fish and grilled to perfection!!

Tonight I was completely out of ideas for dinner and perplexed at what would make an enjoyable meal.  To my delight, I found a bit of my Green Goddess Dressing in fridge and pulled out the bottle. I was surprised that was fresh and the basil aroma was lovely.   A salmon filet was soon drenched in the 'heavenly' dressing from the gods (I can see why someone called it "green goddess" for sure) and  an hour later I sliced into serving portions.  V(my younger daughter) got the George Foreman grill out to grill the salmon, Indian style corn with lime, chili and salt rubbed all over and some fresh grilled carrots with honey-dill all over.  R even asked me for extra dressing on the salmon. Wow having a little home-made dressing in the fridge always helps !!

Grill Salmon on the George Foremen Grill turning once over until just cooked.

My recipe for Green Goddess Dressing
How to make Honey-Dill Carrots:
1. Clean and slice 4 carrots into oblique slices and season with salt and pepper.
2. Mix together  a pinch of dill and 1 tspn honey and mix well.
3. Heat the grill placing the carrot slices on the hot grill until grill marks are formed.
4. Remove from the grill when all the carrots are cooked the same way and
toss with honey-dill mixture. Serve with Salmon.


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