Sunday, July 1, 2012

#216 New Flavors---- Pink or Peach Lassi

Almost everyone is familiar with the common Indian drink "Lassi". Some version of it is served at almost all Indian, many Middle Eastern Restaurants and some health food stores too. So what is Lassi? This refreshing drink is a yogurt or buttermilk-based smoothie, not as thick as a smoothie but more like buttermilk in consistency and yet it can be served sweet or savory. The most common flavors are mango, rose and plain sweetened lassi. South Indians love the savory version made with a touch of green chili, ginger, lime, curry leaves and salt (Sambharam in Kerala). Shake yourself one today because it is best enjoyed on those hot, humid and muggy summer days when a cool drink is most welcome!! The twist here is that I have replaced mango with strawberries and mint. If you're in a savory mood see my carrot one below................... go ahead and use beets instead for a twist!!

Plain Non-fat yogurt- 1 cup
Coconut milk-1/4 cup
Mint leaves- 5
Ice cubes – ½ cup
Fresh Ripe Strawberries- 1 cup sliced
Sugar- ¼ cup
1. Place all ingredients in the glass container of the blender and blend until smooth. Add water to suite your most favored consistency.
2. You can use a hand-blender too and garnish with mint sprigs and strawberry

This is not complete without a savory version of lassi....the colors may look similar but the tastes are so varied and simply refreshing...

     CARROT LASSI(Sambharam)
    Carrots- 1 small cubed
    Buttermilk- 2 cups
    Ginger paste- 1/4 tspn
    lime juice- 1 tspn
    Salt  to taste and a pinch each of sugar and pepper
   Curry leaves - 4-5
   if you prefer you can use mint leaves instead of curry leaves

   1. Cook the carrots in 1/2 cup water adding ginger paste, salt and a pinch of pepper.
   2. When the carrots are soft, remove and cool.
   3. Add the lime juice, sugar and curry leaves
   4. Using a hand blender or food processor whip the carrot into a smooth puree.
   5. Add the buttermilk and whip until smooth. Serve cold.


  1. It is great to revamp traditional recipes and take them one step further! Your lassi looks perfect!


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