Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#204 Does Sushi always have to be about Raw Fish?

Instead of takeout, make Makizushi or Kappa Maki Rolls at home. Inside out sushi rolls made with cooked rice on the outside with nori and filling inside, then decorated with tiny beads of roe or sesame seeds.  Doesn’t that make you want to take a bite and enjoy the crunchiness of the vegetables? If you’re searching for a healthy meal Japanese Food fits the bill, but as sushi becomes more mainstream in the US cream cheese, tempura flakes, mayonnaise and fried fish creep in as popular ingredients. But, if you replaced the rice with fish and cucumber, you could save some extra calories. Personally, I don't like to serve raw fish at home, better to leave that to the pros. However, it does not stop me from enjoying sushi at home made my way. Salmon with horseradish mayyo in sushi may sound mysterious to some folks, but the kick from the horseradish and the mayyonaise complimented the nori adding a piquant tasting replacement for rice in my 'rolls'. Along with red pepper, avocado, mango and a bamboo mat to help in the rolling process the sushi began to take shape. The nori has good instructions on the back of the package so feel free to follow them for the best results. With cooked asparagus and any other veggies the combinations are endless so have fun with it!!

Nori- 2 sheets
A can of Cooked Salmon- 1/2 cup
Mayyonaise- 1 Tablespoons.
Horseradish sauce- 1 tspn
Cucumber sliced into thin sheets.
Mirin- 1 Tblspn
Sugar-1/2 tspn
soy sauce and pepper to taste.
Red pepper strips- a few
Mango sliced into strips- a few
Cooked asparagus spears- a few
Avocado sliced thin-  a few
Wasabi paste- 1 Tspn
Salmon Roe and Sesame Seeds (optional)
Salmon wrap without rice

1. Take the drained salmon in a bowl, toss with 1 tblspn mayyonnaise, and Horseradish sauce.
2. Place a bamboo mat on a chopping board.  Place a sheet of nori followed by thin cucumber slices.
3. Scoop a Tablespoon of the salmon and spread in evenly onto the nori(pre-prepared according to instructions).
 leaving about a cm at the top bare.
4. Press down a small wedge lengthwise in the centre add a small dab of wasabi paste along this wedge.
5. Now, toss the mirin, sugar, soy sauce and pepper with the sliced vegetables and place a handful of veggies in the middle.
6. Remove fingers and continue to roll tightly but gently squeezing until the two edges of the nori meet.
7. Cover the roll with the mat and give it a squeeze to make a neat roll.
8. Remove the bamboo mat and refrigerate for an hour.
9. Take a sharp knife and wet it with a little water, Slice the roll into six equal pieces.
10. Sprinkle or roll over salmon roe gently and sesame seeds for a garnish. Serve with pickled ginger and the rest of the wasabi.
11. Cook Sushi rice with mirin and use that instead of the salmon for a regular vegetarian sushi roll following the same steps.


  1. I think sushi can be any way you want to do it:) I love the way you cooked it. I would gladly take a roLL!

  2. No way... people who think it's all about raw fish are really missing out - there's a restaurant chain in France which makes amazing sushi... things like chicken caesar salad sushi, lobster sushi with mango and coriander, hell, they even have ones with foie gras! Oh, I forgot... dessert sushi with Nutella too... lol :D

  3. I like sushi but not every one. I don't like avacado which is included in so many od the prepared ones.
    Your recipe looks great.

  4. wow dear...loved the way u made these sushis....i would surely love to giv it a try sometime !!!bookmarked !

  5. Thanks to all my foodie friends for dropping by.... yes, it was real fun to make the sushi.
    Anthony I know many folks who would 'shrug' at the texture/taste of avocado but I love it!!
    Charles, the sound of all that sushi makes me hungry for more:)
    Julie, Jessica and Sonali
    Glad you all like the idea please do try them at home--it really is so much fun:)


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