Monday, February 27, 2012

#191 Oscar Weekend with a friend's Fish Corn and Spinach Saag

It was pretty interesting to watch the Academy Awards this Sunday. I felt the best dressed was surely Cameron Diaz in Gucci !!What do you think?   The unreasonably good weather in Washington DC was just perfect this weekend. What's not to like about perfect weather at this time of year? Although on Saturday Mother Nature played a few games in our area which some of you early risers may have experienced. It was a phenomenon(no UFO sightings) of sorts.  I woke up a bit early and tested the air outside to go for a walk.  It was very cold at dawn so I stayed indoors.  The Hazelnut coffee that my husband-R brewed, wafted out to me and I had to get a large cuppa and settle down by the window.  As I was sipping the hot coffee, a light shower of snow pellets started falling from the sky, they were coming down real fast too. A little later, it stopped and turned into a soft shower and a layer of snow covered the grass.  An hour later the sky opened up and the sun was shining down upon us and all  this was happening so fast.  R had to meet with a client which meant a lunch meeting.  I was sending him off with a bagel and cream cheese when I noticed the winds getting stronger and wind chills were rising to create a wintry atmosphere.  So that's when I  made up my mind to stay at home and catch up on pending chores.

I jotted down four assignments on my 'to-do' list today. Even though it's a bit early for spring-cleaning, a few boxed mixes and cans have passed their 'used best before' dates and were waiting in my pantry to be discarded, my old cook-books needed dusting and cleaning from my cabinets(any excuse to flip through meaningful old recipes to read) and last but not least- pack up un-used clothes for the Salvation Army.  Who knows if I am good, I would like to catch up on long due phone calls to my best buddies!!  I will confess that I am a procrastinator and for those of you who know me well enough, you'll agree that once I'm on the phone I may end up on the couch for a nap, munch on a few snacks and that may be the end of my 'to-do' list!!LOL! While at it, I'm making dinner too and that too a side dish from one of my favorite blogs.

A few days back I was reading an interesting post on 'Only Fish Recipes' by Sonali Pradhan. Her incredibly delicious seafood dishes are so innovative, they've inspired me to return everytime she comes up with something new.  I've always wanted to try some of them in my own kitchen, but as I mentioned earlier, I have not got down to it yet. So today I am proud to say that the time has come. The time to stop putting things for later, the time to get down to cooking a nice dish from Sonali's kitchen and also catching up on my chores. So I set up my Laptop on the kitchen counter looking for ingredients at hand and recipes that I could cook from..  While doing so it may give me time to clean up my pantry too! That sounds like a plan, right?

Sonali's 'Fish Corn-Palak'  grabbed my attention this time. The full flavors of an unusual saag(mashed spinach/palak curry) with a beautiful spinach sauce and fried salmon immersed in the saag. I could not resist the temptation to eat something so delectable and healthy! Fortunately I had spinach, frozen corn and some Tilapia filets in the fridge which was sufficient to satisfy that temptation. It turned out so delicious you've got to try it out to know what I mean!! Here's the link to Sonali's recipe with detailed instructions on how to make it....

Thanks dear Sonali :0) I was able to get to most of the chores---mmmm all except for packing clothes for the Salvation Army!!


  1. That looks delicious...


  2. wow! This looks so interesting and flavorful and delicious. I love the color of the sauce

  3. hey malli...thanks so so much for trying out my recipe has come out really well :-)

  4. u have made that saag look so tasty...i love that

  5. Thanks everyone for stopping by ...Sonali I am honored by your comment. My family loved the saag very much so thanks again for sharing another delightful recipe:)


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