Thursday, January 26, 2012

#182 Sambhaloo-Cilantro Roasted Potato Bites

What you need for Sambhar-Cilantro Flavored Aloo(potatoes) :
Potatoes/Aloo- 2 russet
Onions-1 chopped fine
Cilantro/Dhania Leaves- 1 cup chopped.
Asafoetida- 1 pinch
Sambhar Powder- 1Tblspn
Haldi- 1/4 tspn
Coriander powder- 1 tspn
Salt to taste
Mustard seeds and oil.

It turns out that I had bought back a whole bunch of Cilantro with my groceries, and as we know cilantro is not an herb that stays fresh too long. The dilemma is to either cook with them or they will be wilted in two days.  A chutney would be the 'easy way out', but a Potato dish with loads of chopped cilantro sounded better.  Its proven that you can roast potatoes in the oven and skip the effort it takes to slave over the stove roasting them and that came in real handy! In step two and three, the potatoes absorb the Asafoetida and Sambhar Powder roasting in Olive oil until they are deep brown in places but soft and flavorful inside. And with the final tossing of loads of chopped cilantro the Sambhaloo developed into an irresistably addictive potato roast when served with rotis, rice and dal.
Method: 1. Peel, wash and drain potatoes. Cube them and cook in mocrowave with enough water to cover them. They should just turn soft. Do not overcook. 2. Place a wok on the fire and Add about 2-3 Tblspns of oil to it. Add mustard seeds and when they crackle add the chopped onions and asafoetida and saute until the onions turn soft.3. Now add all the rest of the ingredients except cilantro. Then add the potatoes and salt to taste. 4. Add more oil if necessary and roast the potatoes until they are lightly brown in color. Last of all add the cilantro and stir well.


  1. I like your style: brief and informative. Good job!

  2. that looks delicious! I love cilantro! I really want to get hold of some asafoetida! I've heard a lot about it in indian cooking, and apparently it does wonders for your digestion too!

  3. Wow..YUMMY RECIPE...I am loving it..


  4. Wow, a restaurant near me serves something like this and I LOVE it. I'm so pleased you posted a recipe because it's something I've been meaning to investigate making but have never got around to it. The flavours in it are just perfect, although I have to admit that I hardly know what anything in the recipe list is :D Will need to look them up and try and buy them from somewhere... somehow :)

    Thanks Malli!

  5. I would love this potato recipe. Today had Jeera Alu which was great.

  6. Thank You Shu Han, Aarthi, Charles and Anthony.
    These potato fry is so versatile, you can make it however which way you want and they will still be delish. Charles try experimenting with coriander,turmeric and chili in the potatoes it is awesome like home fries!! & these are the most common spices all of which are easily available in Indian groceries worldwide.

  7. what a genius idea to use cilantro with potatoes. I have never thought to do that and both are some of our favorite things! These look to die for

  8. I don't know all the spices but just looking at these potatoes have already comforted me. Just lovely.


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