Sunday, December 25, 2011

#175 Holiday Mithruffles from Paal Khoa

Have you ever wondered why red, green and gold are the colors of Christmas? Well, there is some in-depth meaning to them.  Many hundreds of years ago, Green was considered the color of life because people noticed that fir trees and holly bushes survived the winter much better than most other plants. They were thought of as ever green because something magical kept them strong through the harsh
winter. They were worshipped and feared and became associated with the color of life.  While red represents the blood of Christ and gold represents the gift of gold from one of the Three Kings.

Anyway, the days have been swinging by with Holiday cheer, gifts are all wrapped, the tree is brightly lit in my living room, the eggnog has been poured into goblets and the soft music of "Silent night holy night...." is playing faraway.  Cookies and milk from last night have been wiped out, with just a few remaining crumbs left by Santa on the plate,  and we are ready to open our gifts. The aroma of hot cocoa and melting chocolate wafting in from the kitchen truly makes it smell like Christmas:).

'Home is the essence of Christmas' and home is where I want to be on this day...but I've forgotten one thing this year and that's my Holiday platter of cookies. So today I'm treating my family to Truffles and coffee. Right after opening gifts, then breakfast, followed by truffles and coffee, we are going to N's for the Christmas Meal. ..........

What are Mithruffles? Paal Khoa is concentrated milk and sugar, slow cooked until the milk fat solidifies into a sticky delicious concoction used to make Mithais and hence the name. The phenomenal taste of the creamy milk solids enhanced by the bits of crumbled pistachios make an exquisite truffle platter perfect for Christmas or any other Holiday!!

Whole Fat Milk- 1 litre
Sugar- 1 1/2 cups
Butter- 3 Tblspns
Roasted, shelled pistachios- 1/2 cup
Slivered Almonds- 1 cup
Your favorite colored sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles can be used too.

1. In a heavy bottomed crockpot, place the Whole milk and sugar and let it come slowly
to a boil. When the milk starts boiling, keep stirring the milk to make sure it does not burn or
stick to the bottom of the pan. If it sticks to the bottom, it will cause an unpleasant smoky flavor to the milk.
2. Keep this boiling on a slow flame stirring often until a thick soft solid is formed. Now, add all the butter and keep stirring until the solids are thickened enough to leave the sides of the pot. Remove from fire and cool.
3. When the above mixture is cool enough to handle, make sure the mass is hard enough to roll into balls. These can be rolled into small balls just like the traditional truffles made from melted chocolate.
4. Roll the balls in any or several different toppings. I've used pistachios, almonds and red sprinkles. But toasted coconut, chocolate,cocoa or  any Holiday sprinkles may be used.


  1. Delightful little read Malli - I love reading about peoples' Christmas celebrations. These mithruffles look delicious too! :)

  2. hey same 2 u malli....often visit here for unique recipes but very lazy to comment.......want to try ur bakhlava cigars.....these sweets looks awesome

  3. i love the variations. i want to grab them all...hehehehe

    thanks for visiting, hope we exchange links. :)

  4. Those look fabulous!

    Best wishes for 2012!



  5. I love paalkhoa! This looks really delicious and rich with nuts. Perfect for this season.

  6. Oh i love the story behind the colors- i never knew that nor did i ever know about this amazing version of truffles! I LOVE IT ALL!Hope you had a great christmas!

  7. Thanks for sharing the history behind the color of christmas, so neat and I love these Mithruffles!

  8. hi there.i mentioned you in my post. please take a look. Happy New year!!! :)


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