Wednesday, November 2, 2011

#166 Hawaiian Fast Food Burger on Rice or Loco Moco

Loco Moco is a hearty Hawaiian breakfast meal that was created in the 1940's in Hilo Town on the Big Island. It is normally made with a scoop of white rice topped with a hamburger patty,  a fried egg mounted on top and smothered with lightly curried gravy.  When we were in Honolulu, we enjoyed this dish so much that I created my very own version of the classic Loco Moco!

A spontaneous desire to eat this comfort food led me to make it this way..... but you are more than welcome to try other versions because I don't think it could ever go wrong!! This is a great 15 minute weekday dinner idea if you keep frozen burgers in your freezer. BTW, the ingredients were just created in my imagination so this is not an authentic Loco Moco. A scoop of the meaty burger in a spoon, with a bite of oeey fried egg along with hot steamed rice and the gravy loaded with flavor- all in one mouthful... !! no kidding--- it turned out to be insanely delicious:)

Carrot-1 cubed
Onion-1 cubed
3 fried eggs(1 per person)
1-2 cups water use as needed
Three scoops steamed rice
3 burger sized Sausage patties (The original is made with Beef and Pork burger patties)
I used a couple of pre-prepared veggie burgers too.
Mccormicks Gravy packet -2
Mccormicks Madras Curry Powder- 1.4 tspn
Black Pepper powder

1. Prepare steamed rice in a steamer or pan and keep warm.
2. While the rice is cooking, pan fry the Sausage patties in a pan.
3. Remove the patties. Fry the eggs to desired texture and keep aside.
In the same pan fry the onions and carrots.
4. Add the water mentioned in the gravy packet and 1/2 cup extra water. Cook lightly,
5. Slowly add gravy flour mixed in 2 tblspns cold water to the pan.
6. Add curry powder and pepper to taste. When the gravy is slightly thick remove the pan from the fire.
7. To serve take a plate and place a scoop of rice in the center. Top with a pattie and pour two ladles of gravy over it.
8. Distribute the carrots and onion cubes evenly between the three plates.
9. Top with fried egg and serve.


  1. Nice one - it's what you had in that restaurant a couple of months ago, right? Looks so delicious... real great comfort food, I totally agree!

  2. OMG,very tempting recipe dear...Amazing clicks.

  3. Thanks guys. Charles you are absolutely right! this is the same dish I posted on my adventures in Hawaii.
    Can you believe I paid $$$ for this dish at the restaurant? I decided 'then and there' that I must make this at home just to prove how simple and frugal the home-made version is! I'm sure you will agree with me since you are the Five Euro Master:)

  4. This is a lovely recipe. I don't have hamburger patties, but have sausage patties which would be great.
    I guess that you mean McCormicks beef gravy.
    Making this tomorrow.
    Thank You.

  5. Anthony, Thnks for stopping by ...and yes I did use McCormick's Beef gravy and a vegetable burger for myself:)

    But it would be as good with chicken gravy and sausage patties!

  6. How fun! I'll have to make this for my sister who's in Hawaii now!

  7. Wow that's comfort right there! I'm sorely tempted to make this for the weekend.
    Take care...

  8. Thanks malli for visiting my space. You have a cute space. Glad to follow you. I had visited hawaii too but i had missed this delicious dish. Since iam a no no person to red meat i think i can try it with chicken.

  9. Dear Malli, This looks comforting and delish! I would love to try it! Many blessings, your friend, Catherine xo

  10. Dear Malli, I haven't had breakfast yet. This looks good to me. Blessings, Catherine xo

  11. A burger on rice with all that delicious gravy/sauce- Love it! It is like our version of a Salisbury steak. Simple delicious


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