Sunday, July 24, 2011

#136 Spicy Sindhi Sweet and Savory Chili Pickle

Cravings motivate me to rewind and re-create recipes from the past  -how about you? what energizes your culinary skills?...Last week I had a compelling urge to eat something hot, sweet and tart along with my parathas!  It has been a fairly long time since I had such a strong craving for hot and tart pickle......& it is almost two decades and more since my younger daughter was born:).  

This was a simple temptation from the memory of an heirloom pickle my Mother used to make many years ago. Her cousin was married to a Sindhi gentleman who introduced this recipe into the family and my Mom picked it up from this cousin. I picked up the phone and dialed out to Mom.  "Amma, do you remember the chilli pickle you made decades back that was the favorite of all my cousins, uncles and aunts? Do you still have the recipe in your recipe book?" . I was thrilled when she said "of course" and a minute later she is reading out the ingredients and directions to me over the long distance phone-line:)

I owe it to the invention of the telephone and technology!! I put the ingredients together and satisfied my cravings, only after I was determined to add my own twist adding some pitted dates..
Finger hot chillies or any green chillies- 1 lb
Pitted dates-10 oz cut into half
Ginger-3 inch cube chunk
Garlic-3 bunches cloves separated
Methi seeds powdered-4 tspn
Mustard seeds powdered- 3 Tblspn
Oil-1 cup
Tamarind Concentrate- 3-4 tspns
Vinegar-2 cups
Brown sugar- 1cup
Salt to taste.

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1. Chop both ginger and garlic cloves after removing their skins, to very fine bits.
2. Start with warming the oil in a deep pan and then slowly add the ginger and garlic.
3.Saute until they just run brown in color. Meanwhile slit the green chillies half way down keeping
the stems intact.

4.Now, add the green chillies and saute in oil until completely soft. Add the dates,
5. Add all of the remaining ingredients and no water at all and cook down until the
sauce is thickened well.

6. Make sure no water is added and all ingredients are dry to preserve the pickle for a few weeks
and maintain the freshness.


  1. Your pickle recipe sounds delicious. It's great you have your mothers recipe which can now be continued through the years.

  2. This sounds really good! I could definitely see myself eating up all of that with a loaf of homemade bread! :))

  3. Looks good and yummy! So nice of you to share your mom's recipe.
    Thnaks for dropping by my site.
    Glad to follow you!
    Hope you'd follow me back too.
    Happy blogging!

  4. Yummy! flavorful and tasty!

  5. The pickle looks irresistible ~ feel like tasting some right now, this is what i I call truly mouthwatering :)
    US Masala

  6. drip drip drip..thats me drooling here...wowo malli very nice....

  7. Superb pickle...mouthwatering one..

  8. chillis n datesnvinegar- a lethal combo malli for a pickle ! looks wow

  9. your mom's recipe, how cool..i would love to try these pickles!

  10. my hubby loves pickles maybe I should try and make one for him one day

  11. The pickle recipe is a sure keeper. I am a sindhi myself but unaware of this particular recipe:)BTW thanks for stopping by at my blog,I am sorry it took me so long to get here,i was away & not blogging for a while,trying to catch up now:) I have added myself to your list of followers & look forward to more exciting recipes:)

  12. Thnx Everyone for the good words!!
    Mrs K
    Thanx for clearing that up for me if it is not a true Sindhi recipe, it may be a recipe my uncle or his family(Sindhi) once came up with years ago and I misunderstood:)

  13. Dates seem like a nice touch. The pickle sounds delicious.

  14. Sounds tangy.. yum :)

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