Sunday, July 17, 2011

#134 Fig, Goat Cheese and Pesto Open Faced Sandwiches

One way to use up leftover Brioche bread is by making bread pudding as suggested by one of my foodie friends!! I love bread pudding made with brioche or croissants. I almost indulged in the pudding idea but decided to make use of my leftover goat cheese and pesto that were in my fridge on a bit healthier note!! So here's my afternoon snack.......just kidding!! R was working this Sunday so I whipped up a quick lunch with a garden salad:)

Figs- 3-4 Sliced
Fresh Bread- 4 slice
Goat Cheese- 4 Tblspn
Basil Pesto- 2 Tblspn
Black Pepper powder
Honey-1 tspn

1. Take a slice of bread and toast in toaster until brown
2. Apply 1 1/2 tspn of pesto and then 1 tspn of goat cheese on each slice.
3. Place the slices of fig, sprinkle pepper and drizzle a bit of honey over it.
4.Broil for a few minutes until cheese is soft. Serve warm


  1. Wow Malli wud love to dig into dat and so easy as well...gr8 going

  2. Yum! The figs look delicious on these sandwiches.

  3. I went out to dinner this evening and had a HUGE craving for some goat's cheese (there wasn't any in the end) and then I come back and see this?! Argh! I'd love to eat one of those right now.

  4. good one- loved the chunky figs on it !

  5. This is such a nice, summer fresh idea. Fresh fig is full of flavour and I like how you contrast it with the chevre - a little drizzle of honey and off you go! Wonderful.

  6. Karen (Back Road Journal)July 18, 2011 at 4:41 PM

    Figs and soft goat cheese go so well together. I'm sure the pesto made it zing.

  7. Pesto, figs and goat cheese already sound very intriguing, but brioche makes your sandwiches really original!
    When I have leftover cakes or cookies, I usually make something called Thrifty Truffles :-)

  8. Healthy and tasty sandwich..Looks great!

  9. thank you for finding my blog! this toast and fig combo looks heavenly....mmmmmm

  10. Hi Malli, oh my goodness!!! Figs, goat cheese and pesto! Delicious!!! Have a great day. Love your blog!

  11. Hey this is a lovely sandwich, on a healthier note too... The taste of cheese with pesto and honey... hhhmmm... it must surely taste great :)

  12. This is beautiful and I suspect very delicious! While it is healthier that the bread puddings, I am a huge fan of those myself. blessings ~ tanna

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog, your blog looks delicious, yes the entire blog. Glad to follow you.

  14. figs and goat cheese, heaven!! your shots are amazing, yummo!!


  15. Okay, this is fabulous! I just printed it out and thanks for linking to this post. We have an artisanal cheese maker in Alabama whose specialty is goat cheese, and it is divine. She is beautiful and quite the diva, quitting a job in NYC to raise goats and make cheese. Amazing, huh?



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