Sunday, June 26, 2011

#124 Go Green Asparagus and Okra Mezhukkupuratti

There are three essential keys to eating them raw as in a salad, steam or stir fry them.  Out of all three ways- a sitr-fry to whatever degree of frying you like- seems to take most of the vitamins out of the veggies but we all need a break once in a while! Don't we?  After a while eating salads and steamed veggies all the time tends to get a bit boring. My visit to the local Farmer's Market ended up with a colorful bunch of fresh veggies and no matter what vegetables are consumed, they will add a significant amount of nutritional value to my meal so here's one way of using some of them. The okra in my fridge teamed up withe fresh asparagus to give up a wholesome green stir fry. I can't tell you what veggies to eat but pick your selection from a wide variety even Giant has recipes on their weekly flyers, these days on incorporating vegetables and fruits into your diet!!
Oh my! I didn't mean to sound like a dietician and having no expertise in that area.  However,  I love vegetables and here's one that is simple and easy to make with one of my all time favorite vegetables.. okra and asparagus.

Asparagus- 1 bunch
Okra-1/2 lb
green chillies-2
salt and oil as needed.

1. Wash both vegetables well and pat dry.
2. Slice the asparagus into small sections after breaking the hard ends off.
3. Cut the okra into 1/2 inch pieces.
4. Place a skillet over the fire add the asparagus and just enough water to cook it.
5. Add salt and chillies, cover and cook until just soft.
6.Add the Okra and enough oil to saute until all the water has evaporated.


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