Thursday, June 23, 2011

#122 Virgin Watermelon Serrano Cooler

I must admit when I read about Guy Fieri's Grilled Watermelon Jalapeno Bowla, I was tempted to create this with Jalapeno and Tequila.. but the weather being so darn hot I decided to omit the alcohol this time. You could add a bit of vodka or maple syrup liquer if you wish. I couln't find a Jalapeno so I had to do with Serrano peppers since I was determined to shake up this drink. With fresh Watermelon and serrano peppers it was really quite a twist!!

Watermelon Slices- 2-3 quarter sections skin removed.
Water-1/2 cup
2 Serrano peppers sliced, & 1 for decoration.
Lime juice- 1 Tspn
Sugar- 1/2 cup

1. Take a blender and add the chopped fresh watermelon.  Add Lime juice and coarsely blend into a slush.
2. Place a pan on the fire with the water and sugar and serrano halves.
3. When the syrup is formed, strain out the chillis.
4. When the syrup is cooled well, pour enough into the blender and mix once. Taste and add more syrup if needed. At this time add Vodka as desired and shake well
5. Serve in a tall glass garnished with a sliced serrano pepper.


  1. I've never heard of Serrano chillies - are they spicy?

    The drink looks great - so refreshing... makes me wish I had one in my hand right now... oh, and that I wasn't stuck inside an office where the air-con seems incapable of functioning properly :(

  2. Ooo perfect for this hot summer day :D

  3. I like the watermelon lime pairing and the peppers are very intriguing... Thanks Malli.

  4. Wow, such lovely photos...looks good dear :) I have a clarification regarding my previous egg pancake recipe, I add grounded chutney dhal powder to the eggs and not besan..take care.

  5. Thnx all for the positive comments:)
    Serrano pepper is slightly milder in heat than the Jalapeno,but has the chilli flavor.
    Thnx for clarifying that you used pottukadala powder and not besan... NI upbringing makes me think "besan" :)
    My Mom made laddoo with Chutney Kadala too


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