Thursday, June 16, 2011

#118 A Kerala Mathanga Thoran or Pumpkin Coconut Stir-Fry

A Malayalee like me is completely satisfied with a side dish of Thoran or Stir Fry with rice and pulisseri for lunch. This is almost a basic staple side dish that is a normal part of a daily Kerala lunch menu. It does not take too much time to make but no matter what type of vegetable is being used, it must be chopped as fine as possible.  Usually the cook decides how small it should be chopped based on the cooking time, texture and technique being used. The chopped vegetable is then stir- fried with coconut, whole spices and garlic to flavor it and served with steamed rice and any gravy.

A medium sized piece of pumpkin- 1 lb
Mustard and Cumin seeds, red chillies, curry leaves
Coconut grated- 1/2 cup
Garlic chopped- 1/2 tspn
Salt- 1/2 tsp
chilli powder- 1/2 tspn
Haldi powder- 1/4 tspn
Olive oil as needed.

1. Wash and cut up the pumpkin with or without the skin. I like it with the skin.
2. Cut into very small cubes.
3. Place a skillet over the fire and add about 1 tblspn of oil. Add cumin seeds, mustard, chilli and curry leaves with a lid on.
4. When the mustard seeds splutter add the pumpkin cubes, 1/2 cup water along with salt, garlic, chilli and haldi powder.
5. Keep the lid back on and cook on low fire until pumpkin just turns soft but not mushy.
6. Remove the lid and saute gently(without breaking up the pumpkin cubes) until there is no liquid in the bottom.
7. Add coconut and stir well. Serve with steamed rice or rotis.


  1. best way to make pumpkin looks delicious

  2. A simple veg recipe yet so delicious! Lovely presentation and pictures too!!

  3. i dont like mathanga much but cooked this way, i can take it :)

  4. nice n simple pumpkin stir fry

  5. I love pumpkin! This looks so tasty. I'm going to keep this one on hand for the fall. :)


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