Saturday, June 11, 2011

#116 A Frozen Treat of Ice Cream Lasagna

No one will believe when I say that this awesome dessert we call "ice cream lasagna" is so easy to make. The girls and I made these "ice-cream"Cakes or "ice cream Lasagnas" while they were young children.
Simply layering any two or three favorite ice cream flavors in between cookie crumbs, caramel sauce and even more ice cream, we used to build up the layers to add our favorite crumbled chocolate bars like butterfingers or heath bars. One decadent dessert, a creamy Summer treat that can be served at BBQs or Pool parties it is hard to resist this awesome lasagna, if you are an ice cream lover! 

On a hot Summer day last week we decided to hang out at home with  a couple of friends and BBQ on our little deck. The night before, I had frozen up an ice cream lasagna which brought back old memories. Although this time with Rocky Road and Vanilla Caramel Swirl flavor ice cream, in between my crumbled Orange Pecan Sandies and swirling extra caramel sauce between the layers, then cutting slices to look like Lasagna. 

Breyers Rocky Road Ice cream -1.5 quart
Breyers Vanilla Caramel  Ice cream- 1.5 quart
Crumbled Cookies or Oreo cookies
Caramel topping- 1 cup

1. Line a 9 inch rectangle pan with plastic wrap. leaving 4 inch overhang on each side.
2. Spoon one container softened Rocky Road flavor icecream into the pan pressing to form an even layer. cover with plastic wrap.
3. Freeze for 4 hours or overnight
4. Soften the Vanilla Caramel Ice Cream, crumble oreo cookies into coarse bits.
5. Remove the pan from the freezer and top with the cookie crumbles in an even layer.
6. Now, spread some Caramel topping over the crumbs.
7. Use a flat spatula spread the softened Vanilla Caramel Ice Cream on top of the crumbs very slowly.
( To make it easy, spoon large portions of Ice Cream over the surface in 6 mounds. Then spread evenly so that the crumbs stay in place)
8. Wrap with plastic wrap and cover the top well, freeze again in the freezer overnight or upto 5 hours. Remove, slice and serve.
9. If desired,  frost with extra whipped topping( I left out this step) and smoothen the surface before slicing.


  1. wow very tempting and delicious too !!

  2. What a great this idea!!!

  3. Oh my what a unique n decadent dessert ~ looks superb and scrumptious and creamy and yum yum :)
    US Masala

  4. icecream cake our family fav/... thanks for the recipe.

    drop by my space when u get time..
    thanks in advance

  5. wow...
    looks gr8 dear....

    visit my space, when u find time


  6. Wow! Fun! This is a must take to the next BBQ!

  7. Ice cream cake - tremendous! I like the way you've taken two brilliant things (cake and ice cream) and combined them!


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