Friday, May 20, 2011

#104 Surprise Party Platter with Italian Style Prosciutto E Melone

It's always fun to throw a surprise party for a loved one. Planning it and keeping it a secret is the exciting part of the whole process. So if you've got someone special and want to surprise them go for it!!
I will share with you a few points on how I planned a surprise B'day party for N...

The most important point is to plan way in advance and make very sure that it stays a secret. Decide on the location---  I picked her apartment as the venue, so the process of transporting the food was a bit difficult but that's what surprises are all about!! It takes a lot of hardwork. Then guests, we had about 20 friends attending. V helped me collect contact information along with one of N's friends to reach out to them We all met up at her place while she went to get her nails done with some friends and this gave us time to decorate the apartment with balloons,  a banner and confetti and candles all around. I set out the table with the food I cooked and others I ordered then we waited in the dark and surprised her as she opened the door to come in. The happiness on that face was worth a million dollars!!

Here's my proud creation of a vegetable platter with sour cream and onion dip. The rest of the menu included egg salad on Croissants and loads of baked pasta, samosas, cake, chicken curry and pulao- my next few posts will have the recipes and pictures posted.
How can anyone disagree with me that this dish is simply delicious? Proscuitto E Melone.The beginning of summer always starts off with the first perfectly sweet, ripe and juicy melons.  I picked up a couple of them at the store. I was wondering how I would serve the fruit to my guests. That's when I thought why not get some Prosciutto and serve this sinfully delightful treat wrapping the Melon with slices of Prosciutto. The saltiness of the thin slices of ham cutting through the juicy sweetness of the melon enhance the flavors of both ingredients into one gourmet bite. This glorious bundle of goodness is sure to create a party in anyone's mouth!!

Proscuitto E Melone
Cantaloupe- 10 cubed pieces.
Prosciutto(thinly sliced smoked ham)

1. Cut the melon into cubes or wedges removing the skin and seeds.
2. Either wrap the prosciutto around the melon or serve on the side of the dish.
3.Enjoy the sweet and salty taste of the combination.


  1. Awesome veggie platter... Your friend would have surely enjoyed the surprise party. What counts is your love for her and the care behind all your efforts!! :-)

  2. Beautiful Veggie Platter! We've passed an award on to you, find it at

  3. I never thought of having prosciutto with melons. I'm sure it's lovely though - the salty with the sweet. I think I might have to try this one soon! So glad the surprise worked out!

  4. Looks wonderful and sure would have tasted good.


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