Friday, May 13, 2011

#103 A French start to a Divine Mother's Day

How was Mother's Day for you? Mine was a little extra special...... of course with the addition of sweet memories.  “When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child."  --in the compassionate words of Sophia Loren.
My world has always revolved around my daughters or should I say - I swirled it around them. 

Aren't children the most beautiful gifts from God? Don't they come up with the most amazing points of view and make you ponder over it for days??  They teach you so much you never knew about life-- as did my angels.
I must admit my girls always grabbed my time and attention growing up, and R says he felt a little neglected at times:).  But, this Mother's Day--- R surprised me by planning to take me out for lunch and dinner with shopping afterwards.  I had just made some French Toast with leftover Challah bread for breakfast, so we cleaned up and off we went!!....

N dropped by with a special gift that was related to my Blog so I want to share that with you.
She has always been a fan of my Blog and noticed that I was using an old Cannon camera for my pictures while talking about upgrading to a better one. So when I opened the gift wrapped box she
placed in my hands and a brand new Cannon Powershot S95 peeked up at me,  I was absolutely stunned, touched by the thoughtfulness that she had remembered!!  I was speechless and the words would not come out......I was instantly moved by the precious sentiments that went into such a beautiful was very special Mother's Day!! When I get the camera ready and shoot, I am sure my photos will see a big improvement soon. Thank You N :)
Shhh........What she does'nt know is that I am throwing her a surprise B'day party with all her friends next weekend and will keep you all posted on how she reacts!!

V was busy with final exams this week, so she spent Wednesday taking me out for a special Lunch at a nice restaurant.  Thank You V:)
Now for some Challah French Toast

Left over Challah, Brioche or any sweet bread- 6 slices
Milk- 1 cup
Eggs- 2
Sugar- 2 Tblspns
Butter- as needed
Freshly sliced Strawberries- 1 cup
1. Break the eggs into a shallow pan. Add sugar and beat well until smooth and creamy.
2. Add the Milk to this and beat until the sugar is mixed well with milk and eggs.
3. Place a griddle on the stovetop at low to medium high heat.
4. Adjust the heat so that the griddle is not smoking hot.
5. Gently take a slice of Bread and dip into the egg mixture until fully coated on all sides.
6. Remove and place on the hot griddle. Add butter as needed flipping the slice to cook on both sides.
7. When the egg mixture is cooked and before the crust is light brown remove and serve on a platter.
8. Repeat with the rest of the slices of bread. Serve with sliced Strawberries.
9. Alternative serving methods ----Sprinkle with Cinnamon/sugar or Maple Syrup or Molasses.


  1. I'm happy you had such a fantastic Mother's Day! Your french toast is beautiful and looks like the perfect way to start the day!

  2. A scrumptious breakfast indeed. I would so enjoy this!

  3. oh thats so so sweet and that they support your blog big hugs to you Malli

  4. What a wonderful Mother's Day for you! Beautiful french toast. My mother used to make us french toast when we were kids. I haven't made it in a very long time. You've inspired me to take out the skillet and bring back some happy memories of my mom.

  5. Happy Mother's Day. Your words about being a mom brought a tear to my eye. The french toast looks and sounds amazing. I can never get enough french toast recipes! Yum!

  6. Delectable treats! I could eat that whole thing! :)
    US Masala

  7. French toast is so scrummy! A great start to the day, indeed.



  8. what a delightful treat - Love the presentation with the abundance of strawberries :) Hope you had a fantastic day!


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