Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Awards.. -Une plume à mon chapeau

I humbly accept this award from Pia of Cooking Healthy... thank you Pia for giving me this honor of Stylish Blogger.
I must mention some special blogger friends like Pia, Priya Sreeram, Nancy and Vijay and Rebecca who have all been so positive in their comments. Not only have they been regular visitors right from the time I introduced my kitchen experiments to the world, but they have also given me so much enlightenment with their comments, cheering me on to new ideas and unfailingly sending words of encouragement..... a special THANK YOU to you!! I have so many other visitor friends I would like to Thank there are no words to describe my joy ever since you accepted me into your world of food and travel. So thank you to each and every one of my visitors who stop by, read silently or stop to provide feedback... I am always looking forward to hearing from all of you because that makes it worthwhile to keep the blog alive and moving.

It certainly feels good to be recognized and especially by people like Pia who is a Pro in the blog world and actively hosts and coordinates large "blogger" events.  and Sonali who has a grand collection on her wonderful page.
I accept one more award from Sonali from Only Fish Recipes...
a page that I always visit because I love to cook with fish and she has some interesting and innovative fish recipes. Thank you Sonali for passing on the award to me ... I am truly honored by your gesture

I am sharing these awards with everyone who is an avid reader of my posts, since it would not be easy for me to pick 15 new bloggers within this short time. There are so many Great Blogs out there!!

While I am at it----I must Thank my better half who has always been patient with me and supported my blog.... R has waited patiently for me to capture the photos before he could dig into the food:) sometimes participating in the photography sessions!!

Now 7 things about myself???

1. I love to learn about new cuisine and culture, listen to music, read, travel and most of all laugh a lot.  Laughter is my best medicine. My latest desire--I have ventured on a journey to explore ways to cook healthy, trying out different vegetarian food, grains and incorporating relaxation techniques into my life.
2. Life is like an artichoke you go through so many tough layers to get to the soft center-after raising two beautiful girls and caring for family,  now I am trying to follow my heart and hobbies:).  I believe life is like a coin, you can spend it any way you wish but you only spend it once.
3. I am a very spiritual person, have extreme faith in the Hindu religion and have trust in God, although superstitious beliefs are not part of my agenda.
4. I am pretty straightforward and positive with people but I don't pick up on trivial blatant stuff.
5. I love art and believe life is a great big canvas and you can throw all the paint on it that you can in one lifetime.
6. Something that caught my attention and I stuck with it--Life is a compromise of what your ego(for lack of a better word:)) wants to do, what experience tells you to do and what your nerves let you do.
7. I support women's rights...as Reba McEntire once said "to succeed in life you need three things- a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone."


  1. congrats on the well deserved award

  2. Thanks for stopping by..
    Hearties congratulations on your award..keep rocking..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  3. Malli u r d sweetest - thx for trying out the recipe and glad that it came out well dear !

  4. and hey loved reading about you and echo ur sentiments ! wishing u the best malli


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