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Florida Keys are just a group of amazing little islands at the Southernmost part of the United States. I consider that as one of my best vacation spots after Cancun and Paris!!
R and I are outdoorsy people but we do not snorkel or go deep sea fishing.  However, we love beaches and the sea -- in February 2008 we visited Key West.  I think this was one of the best vacations we had had in a long time. Key West has the perfect climate for just about anyone who is looking to have a pleasant absolutely lovely place not limited to the usual touristy beach activities but so much more to explore and experience.

The Southernmost House was constructed in 1896 for the family of Dr Jeptha Vinning Harris and his wife Florida. Dr Harris was a surgeon in the navy during the Civil War and became a well known person in Key West. He built the home with attention to detail, strong enough to withstand treacherous hurricanes and storms. The beautiful home has just one bedroom but an adjacent guesthouse to accommodate visitors, at the same time maintain family privacy. The house gained popularity in the 1940's when the Ramos family took over the home. It is said that they were host to celebrities like Presidents, royalty and many more. Harry S Truman, Richard Nixon, John Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Ernest Hemingway only to name a few, all of whom loved Key West's perfect climate and enticing nightlife. In 1996 the Southernmost House had a $3 million renovation restoring the old Victorian home into soft shades of the tropical colors and an appearance of a Cuban Cafe and historic Inn as seen in my photos. Now the guestrooms and suites resonate sophisticated furnishings and modern luxuries like the stunning Tiffany stained glass canapy that hangs in the side veranda.



We watched the sunset from the southernmost point of the US and in the horizon we saw little bits of Cuba that the local people pointed out to us. Besides the fabulous sunsets on Key West, there is amazing food influenced by Cuban cuisine of course. The drinks are amazing especially Mojitos made from the local Key Limes.

My trip was even better when I dragged R into the "Peppers of Key West" store with me, the hottest spot on the island. You can imagine my joy when I experienced  a whole new world of creations made from Chillies--wing sauces, jerk marinades, dry rubs, salsas, BBQ sauces, preserves, chutneys, pickles from travel size to jumbo bottles.  I bought home so many hot sauces it is not even funny. A Red Hot Pepper Jelly which was out of this world and there is a tasting bar too!!  I browsed around for most of the day in this unique store since it carried all my favorites. It was truly a feast for my imagination and so nourishing for any foodies out there with a love for hot peppers check it out:)
Naturally,  Duval Street has several wonderful old-school fresh seafood restaurants. One of my favorites is the Conch Republic Seafood Company with their seafood specialties, Rum Runners and Caipirinhas. And although the Caipiranha is a Brazilian drink the cachaca, rum and Key limes make it extra special. 


  1. Beautiful pictures! Key West is truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I really love some of the smaller keys more for there privacy and pristine coasts. Did you have a chance to visit any of those?

  2. Nancy and Vijay,
    Oh how nice!we think alike...I loved it too. Never been to the other islands have u?. I would love to go back to visit the Islamorada and Marathon part of the keys someday...:)


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