Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My First Award

Reva of has been such a supporter of my posts and has been nice enough to send me an award of appreciation!! My first Blog Award!Yay!!!!Thank You Revathi!!

 Thanks for all the encouragement and motivation extended to me by all the other fellow bloggers like Revathi without whom I could not keep this blog going.... without my visitors I would not be motivated to keep posting and exploring new cuisine. I started up this blog as a trial, without any intention to expand and it has only been 3 months. So to get such an honor within a short time really encourages me to continue with my project. I certainly appreciate all the feedback from my foodie friends and it means more than anything else to read about your opinions since that is the only path towards improvement.

I would like to pass this award to a few fellow bloggers to keep the ball rolling:
1.Accept the award. Post it in your blog with the name of the blogger who has given u this award with a link to his/her blog.
2.Pass it on to 15 other blogger friends.
3.Let the nominated blogger know about their award by commenting on the site.


  1. Awww That is SO sweet of you, Malli :) Thanks so much for sharing this honor with me, dear - You do have a lovely site and I am happy it is being recognized :)
    And it is always wonderful to be recognized :) thanks again!

  2. Now that was quiet a surprise =) thank you very much!!! That was really sweet of you!!

  3. hey malli u deserve the lovely award and thx a ton for sharing it with me--truly appreciated !

  4. A well deserved award! Thanks a lot for sharing this award with me also.

  5. Hi Malli, You do have a very lovely blog! I am very sorry to not have responded sooner..I had been away from the blog for about a month and I just saw this today. Thank you for thinking of us...that makes me feel very happy. I will post it tomorrow on my awards page :)

  6. Thanks All,
    You make it all worthwhile


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