Thursday, January 13, 2011

#64 Winter-Time Vegetable-Paneer Jalfrezi

We were invited to a party last week and the lady of the house had made Paneer peas curry that reminded me of a vegetable Jalfrezi I had eaten at a restaurant a few months ago so hearty it is almost like  comfort food in winter. The sweet and tart taste of this fresh home-made cottage cheese and the mix of vegetables and gravy make this so refreshing. The Food and Wine website even recommends pairing a citrus and fruity Sauvignon Blanc when serving a Jalfrezi curry. Here is my recipe---- and it gives me great pleasure in saying that it is my favorite winter time curry when paired with warm naans/plain rice and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc of course!! …the creamy and superb texture of the gravy warms up the taste buds and leads to heart warming sensations. It helps me recover from the Winter blues and so the name Winter-time Jalfrezi.

For Paneer:
Whole milk-1/2 gallon
Lemon juice-juice of half a lemon
All purpose flour- 1 Tblspn

For Vegetable gravy:
A mix of the following vegetables- 1 ½ cups
(Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, Green pepper,green peas, and green beans)
Onions-1 cubed
Tomatoes-1 cubed
Green chillies-3
Cashewnuts-1 Tblspn
Mint and Cilantro chopped-1/2 cup
Red Chilli powder-1/4 tspn
Haldi powder-1/8 tspn
Garam masala- ¼ tspn
Ginger garlic paste-1 Tblspn
Cumin seeds- ½ tspn
Butter- 2 Tblspns
Heavy Cream- 1 cup
Salt and oil as needed
  1. Pour the whole milk into a deep saucepan and let boil stirring constantly until it starts boiling. Quickly squeeze the juice of the lemon into the milk.
  2. Keep stirring until the curds and whey are separated out completely. Remove from fire.
  3. When cool, drain the above into a muslin cloth and let the liquid drain well either overnight or until the curds are thick and liquid has drained completely. Do not toss the whey, it has nutrients and lemon juice and may be used to cook the vegetables.
  4.  When you are ready to cook the Jalfrezi, grind to a smooth paste the cashew nuts, onions, tomato, mint, cilantro and green chillies and keep aside.
  5. Take the curds out of the muslin cloth and onto a flat plate or baking pan. Knead the curds with salt and all-purpose flour and flatten to a rectangle ½ inch thick.
  6. Cut the paneer into cubes of desired size and spray with a little baking spray. Broil both sides of paneer in the oven for about 10 mins until light brown.
  7. Place a large skillet over the fire. Add enough oil and add cumin seeds. Now add the ground paste and on a slow fire sauté until well cooked.
  8. Add the vegetables and garam masala, ginger garlic, haldi, red chillie powder, and the vegetables.
  9. Add salt to taste and just enough liquid whey from the drained curds to cook the vegetables. Let this cook until vegetables are cooked.
  10. Add butter turn off the fire. When slightly cooled add the paneer cubes and lastly the heavy cream.
  11. If you add the heavy cream while the curry is cooking it may separate.


  1. it looks rich, creamy and delicious-- nice !

  2. wow love this curry what a great gravy

  3. What an aromatic and creamy dish! Making homemade paneer is still on my top to do list, your paneer looks great.

  4. ThnX Thas,
    I don't make it that often, usually go with Nanak paneer:)


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