Sunday, January 9, 2011


We arrive in Orlando with my parents. At the time the girls were both in elementary school- maybe 1994? This was our summer pilgrimage that year after they had been asking to go to the Magic Kingdom for a long time. With the grandparents visiting from India, they were adamant about this idea. Now that I reflect on it, I wonder if it was our attempt at re-living our own childhood experiences or their tantrums that made R and I decide to make the final road trip, because you know we all feel like children at Walt Disney World and Sea World. Of course, the "road trip" was R's idea stopping at places along the way..........but we had a relaxed trip and got to Orlando very refreshed.

If you've ever been to Orlando in August, you already know that thick crowds are everywhere, the high humidity hits you hard and long lines await at every ride. My parents gracefully bowed out of our day trips after their initial curiosity died down, but the girls kept us "on the move". I understood my folks needed some rest before getting ready for the travel back home.

The Mad Tea Party caught the girls' attention and before I knew it they are in line and stepping into a blue teacup that whisked and whirled them away. In a karmic stroke of luck we walk right through the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, the ET ride and certainly the lazy riverboat ride couldn't have been nicer.

The girls eyes go wider when the Parade starts with Pooh and Tigger followed by princesses. Micky comes into view with his dance team and merry band, and Minny with her polka dots dress. Aladdin and the Genie on an elephant, and finally Pluto and Goofy.. My little ladies are enthralled and scream in delight.

The pure joy that I got from all these precious moments were the classic smiles on their faces and the warm hugs and Thank u's.

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