Sunday, January 9, 2011


Our trip to New Orleans was long before Katrina hit the city on August 29th, 2005. So we were fortunate to tour the Riverfront, the French Quarter and Bourbon Street in all its glory. A lot has happened since then to bring light on New Orleans. Even the New Orleans Saints achieved their first Super Bowl title helping lead the city's re-birth after the tragedy of Katrina.
In front of the quaint shops on Bourbon Street 
 Walking on the cobble stoned streets can open doors to a world of artful paintings, creations of extreme talent from local artists and soulful jazz music.
Artists on the street displaying works of art
If you go down to the French Quarter, you can hear the jazz music upon turning onto Canal Street, another way New Orleans welcomes guests. It was a treat to indulge in the infamous 'beignets' dusted with powdered sugar and a cup of chicory coffee from Cafe Du Monde. I had decided to walk through the city and drag R with me, after the Jambalaya we had for lunch, especially to recover from the 'coma' of all that carbohydrates at one meal.  Walking is the best way for sightseeing through the streets and experience the different cultures.
New Orleans has been influenced by a wide smorgasbord of Creole cooking. True Creoles are said to be the aristocratic Europeans from backgrounds such as French, Spanish, Italian and German. The cuisine from these Europeans combined with African, Indian and Carribbean cooking came to be known as Creole cuisine.  Cajun was old style French cooking and cajun and creole combined to form a new adaptation of food and culture in New Orleans.  Unfortunately I could not make a trip to  Emeril Lagasse's restaurant "Emeril's" for lack of time.... but maybe next time!
A trip on the Bayou to see crocodiles and wild boars
What could be better than to end the trip with a visit to Mardi Gras World and get the actual feeling of the parade and floats.? Of course you cannot leave this city without a collection of colorful beaded necklaces.
Before I forget to mention, we had a tour of the Mardi Gras World to experience the making of floats and was served a King Cake with colorful purple and yellow sprinkles. R had a lucky plastic doll in his cake and he won some trinkets to take home with him.... here is one I saved.

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